Player Complaint - Dylan Ewing//STALE//

Player Complaint - [Terrariola] - [Dylan Ewing]

Your ckey: Sweeperoftheskies

Your IC name: Ward Reachtovisky

Your Discord ID: Sweeper#0377

Date of round: Sunday

Round ID:

Defendant’s IC Name: Dylan Ewing

Defendant’s ckey: Terrariola

Complaint: Consistently goes as Research staff on Atlas, grabbing the dead xeno embryo and implanting it into a monkey.
He will do this despite command staff objections, EVEN FROM ANY RD’S ONLINE, as well as Security concerns.
When faced with the reality of the situation (Please don’t do Xeno breeding, sir), he will quickly grow hostile in language and act.

When arrested by yours truly as warden on the CO’s orders, he intentionally attacked his cellmate, got killed, then immediately spawned in as the xeno larvae from the implanted monkey.
The resulting xeno was successfully welderbombed by a EngiBorg.
Afterwards, they spawned in as a sentient slime coming from a Pyro anomaly.
What they did once spawned is the primary issue, as they beelined straight for the Warden/Brig office, despite having no reason to do so.

In short, i accuse thee of thine metagrudge and antag fishing.