Player Complaint - God the 2th#8666

Player Complaint - [ckey] - [IC Name]

Your ckey:

Your IC name:

Your Discord ID: Karmic Skink#2390

Date of round:

Round ID:

Defendant’s IC Name: God the 2th#8666

Defendant’s ckey:

God the 2th#8666 is a negative influence on the community of NSV13 and in the past has:

  • Frequently antagonized and disrespected NSV13 staff
  • Been removed as a mentor for misconduct
  • Attempted to get a senior member of staff removed from their position
  • Outright admitted to doing things to spite a member of staff
  • Has agreed not to do so in the future
  • Has proceeded to break their word on the above point and continues to do things to spite that staff member
  • Frequently toes the line with rules and attempts bend and justify them meet their needs
  • Immediately escalates if they feel slighted by actions of other people
  • Attempts to garner community support whenever they have a disagreement
  • Frequently bad mouths development
  • Acts in a general narcissistic and attention seeking manner

And as such, I feel their involvement in the community is ultimately detrimental to the community as a whole, and a stand should be taken against the general low standards within the NSV13 community.

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