Player Complaint Iwan Gaynor and Miles Randolph(I ded pls ban) //STALE//

Your ckey: Pixelman77
Your IC name: Saul Parker
Your Discord ID: Pixelman#7720
Date of round: 19/7/2021
Round ID: 2775
Defendant’s IC Name: Iwan Gaynor and Miles Randolph
Defendant’s ckey: Don’t know either
I was playing as XO on a skeleton crew ship to learn the game (pretty new to NSV concepts). Iwan was MAA and Miles was bridge staff. Shortly after my arrival, a Captian came on board so I went to work on other less important tasks because I presumed that captain and Miles would stay on the bridge.
I was trying to get space adapt mutation when the ship got attacked because we had been staying idle for too long. I ran into the bridge and jumped us into another system and then the ship’s hull reached 0, so I tried to set the pumps to fix the hull because no one else was trying to (due to lack of experience I didn’t manage to), at this time Iwan started a rant on comms about how I did nothing for the ship and wasted my time on mutations being incompetent and he did all the job, after a bit fighting on comms Miles stated that “it is a good time for mutiny”, then they both came to pumps section, shot me to crit, cuffed and left me there and left for the shuttle, I died in the explosion of course.

There was no admin online at the time to confirm the mutiny and Iwan did not follow the mutiny policy as he came in and shot me straight.

just gonna ping the admemes

Gotcha, I’m asking around to see if anyone investigated this, otherwise I’ll do a log dive.