Player Complaint - Jess Horserage //STALE//

Player Complaint - [unknown] - Jess Horserage

Your ckey: wiliamcll

Your IC name: Cibum Circumdatos

Your Discord ID: williamcll#5733

Date of round: 2022-04-30

Round ID: 4186

Defendant’s IC Name: Jess Horserage

Defendant’s ckey: unknown


On this Aetherwhisp round me and Jess were the only two engineers. I had limited knowledge about operating the whisp’s more demanding power supply so I asked jess, who seemed reluctant to help. Afterwards, he asked the captain for a promotion to acting CE. However throughout the round he made no effort on managing engineering, leading to me to set up the shields, armor, atmos and the SD, due to a mistake I made with the gas mix the SD blew up and so the shuttle was called. However, the CE made minimal efforts to try to save the SD and instead went to security instead. Because of this the rest of the crew suspected that he was in fact sabotaged engineering and procceds to apprehend him, who was found cataonic due to being permastunned by the armory beepsky.

This is multiple messages from me, posted from Discord, and I really do not feel like re-writing it to make it smooth. (I forgot to mention here cause I was talking over discord right after said round: I was the actual Captain of the shift)

For one. They didn’t ask for a promotion to CE, they only wanted access to the CE’s office for the blueprints so they could check wires and deal with rooms (I made them Chief Engineer, because if you’re gonna safeguard the blueprints, then you might aswell be official). For two, that SD was beyond saving in that limited timeframe. Especially in this SD’s case where it was over 1000 degrees

It would take a very specialized shutdown can, specialized as in you’d have to get the Co2 and N20 balanced very right so when you pumped it in, it didn’t lower the % of n2o and instantly explode the SD

Not to mention the pipe-work to get that kind of can wasn’t set up

Frankly, even if we maxxed the rods out the second it went over (and we got there), I doubt it would have saved it. Rods usually arent the things that ‘save-the-day’ when the SD is melting down on a high-temp mix.

Or maybe thats because I don’t mess around with that enough on that level of high-temp mix, and whenever I do, I’m not early enough to be in that ‘sweet-spot’

Also, your mix wasn’t a fuck up, it did work, but I guess you never checked to see if the temp stabilized, instead of very slowly crawling upwards. You were probably 1-2 insertion amount off from being stable

I can’t say anything about Jess’s ability to NSV Engineer, by the fact that I have no solid memory of them as engineer, which probably says alot by itself

After we decided to evacuate because recovering it all was going to be more effort for everyone and less fun for others, me and the CE went up to Bridge to get the call off. The only reason they went to armoury is because I allowed them to ‘grab the funnies from armoury’

I thought they were maybe the 'powersinker (though after round-end there was no powersink, as there were no antags, I believe it was just fucked wiring that was fixed by either you or Jess after the early-fleet attack) so I wanted to search their bag, after being given a pinpointer towards them that led far from evac, I assumed it was a safe bet they were infact traitor because they were probably podding.

Instead they apparently got stuck for minutes on end in armoury getting armskied, so them being catatonic is understandable, because they really shouldn’t have, ordinarily, been saved.

Frankly, from the looks of it, they were a regular SS13 engineer who knew how to fix holes, do wiring and do projects, but not properly set up the engines and maintain them, especially on the Aetherwhisp which is one of the most power-hungry ships we have alongside the Galactica.

TL;DR: They did not ask for CE, only CE-room access for the blueprints. The SD blew up because the temperature wasn’t properly stabilized (understandable under combat circumstances). The acting ‘CE’ didn’t try to save the SD because I said it was poot, and it most definitely was. The CE went to security after following me to bridge and I allowed them to ‘scavenge/“grab funnies” from armoury’, mostly because there is nothing else for them to do so might aswell let them do what they want to do. I don’t believe the RBMK was set up, so there was no trying to tank more shots heroically by manning the shield.
The CE was only suspected by me because I wanted to check their bag just-in-case and they turned out to be far from evac via pinpointer. The CE was perma-stunlocked by Armskie in Armoury, in ordinary circumstances, they would NOT be saved. This is basically 1 in 100 or whatever chance you wish to call it.