Player Complaint - Kung Bung //RESOLVED//

Player Complaint - Kung Bung

Your ckey:
Beta Centari
Your IC name:
Your Discord ID:
Sophie Garnier#3000
Date of round:
Round ID:
5017 and 5016
Defendant’s IC Name:
Kung Bung
Defendant’s ckey:
I do not know their ckey.

Round 5016
Kung Bung during rounds as command staff, particularly Research Director, refused to take command of the vessel despite SOP and instead opted to give himself All Access and refuse to command the ship or complete ship objectives. Responsiblity for doing so was forced upon an lower ranking officer forcing them into a position they didn’t intend to play during the round.

Round 5017
During this round Kung Bung’s general attitude was poor, and like many rounds makes LRP comments that are disruptive to the general immersion and names their viruses very inappropriate things (i.e. AIDS 1, 2, and 3).

On Round 5017, I did bear witness to him not only breaking into sci as a virologist but also putting the scientist into crit when they pushed back. In the end, he claimed that his actions were justified since the scientist wasn’t doing his job, but the scientist was a late join and had literally just gotten to sci.

There was also a different interaction (round ID unknown) where he wanted to test out a virus or two on a couple of IPCs. He had asked at first, and the IPCs declined, who which he said “Well that must stink” and proceeded to splash the contents of the virus bottles onto them anyway. (screenshots available upon request)

And several actions before that, he’s broken into departments in order to get to the things he wanted to do. Whether it be cargo, medical, science, or whatever, he will do any means necessary to do what he wants, regardless of the state of the round or his current role to the crew.

Round 5023, our brave hero, this time as CMO, spend all shift doing nothing but virology. When crew asked for one of two heads to become a captain, he didn’t respond, but gladly talked AA for his own needs. After two hours he finally did his virus, yelled at comms: “I’M FUCKING INVINCIBLE” and become full monkey-head. I was running down hallway, doing my job, trying to fix atmosphere in hallways when I spot him, standing with syringe gun. And of course he shot me, laughed and when I opened fire at him he responded: “yea, come on, shoot me”. Hope he got he ban.

BTW, he’s ckey Gogoing

Kung Bung also likes making nanites with paralysis built into them that he can trigger with keywords as a non antag. I’ve seen him do this at least twice, but idk the round IDs.

The complaint has been resolved, thank you for making it.