Player Complaint - Mynameajeff - Coreen Rohtin - //CLOSED//

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Coreen Rohtin
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Everett Garrison
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Essentially, what I’m reporting him for is the violation rule 5 & 6 in separate ways, both related to the core event that started it all. As a detective, he took out his .38 and immediately gunned me, a nightmare down when I had expressed my character’s frustrations of racism towards his folk and openly stated his docility. When I attempted to enter the medical bay to be genetically altered in order to obtain the “anti-glow” trait which would allow me to roam without causing any damage to lights nor people, I was assaulted by him, put into hard critical condition almost immediately for no crime nor fault of my own, it was only afterwards that the reason I found he killed me was so he could take my organs and try to implant himself with them, which disgruntled the HoS whom promptly confiscated my organs from him, then, I believe he tried to do an act of mutiny/attempted murder on the HoS for trying to “sell nightmare organs”, instead of allowing his detective to use them to powergame, which I find comedic as a way to deter poor roleplaying. I believe that it was an act of malice to kill me, as a detective nonetheless for my organs, which have the ability to revive someone if they are in the dark, which could definitely be seen as an act of powergaming. His act of killing me when I pointed out how that particular races themselves are not EoCs but people who affiliate with the groups associated and act in malice, that and how nightmares are not listed in the Space Law entry for Enemies of the Corporation. I harbor no resentment towards him, but I have noticed that he tends to play roles with elevated access who are mostly tied to the command structure of the ship, such as Captain, Detective, and other security roles and does not seem to keep the suspension of disbelief up as these characters, diminishing the roleplay environment of the round, to the point where I can’t help but feel disgruntled about it. Apparently, near the end of the round, I was told he also ghosted after failing to kill the head of security, which really doesn’t help his case…

HoS actually wanted to sell the organs and your corpse to CC and you were reported to have attacked crew, and you being an EoC is cause enough for me to kill you, especially when I don’t know why you’re in medical, and nightmares have a reputation for murderboning. I never planned on putting your organs in me, and I almost never play security, haven’t played normal security in over 2 weeks, and only detective three times in the past two days. I mostly play assistant and AI, and the situation was already ruled as IC.
Lastly, the HoS shot at me first, when I responded in kind, because he left me bucklecuffed to a chair in a radstorm which nearly killed me after attacking me out of nowhere. Because the HoS shot at me, I returned fire, and the CC official and the HoS were shooting at me. I downed the HoS but the CC official got a crowd of people to take me down, which I was then permanently removed from the round

Nightmares aren’t enemies of the corporation, please read Space Law thoroughly next time, the description of an enemy of the corporation is as follows: “Current enemies of Nanotrasen currently include: The Syndicate (through secret agents, boarding parties, and brainwashing specialists), The Wizard Federation, The Changeling Hivemind, and The Cult of Nar’Sie. Note that this is one of the few crimes where you may summarily execute someone for if they present a significant risk to detain them.”

I’m also going to point out that whenever you’re arrested by security, legally or otherwise, you always play the “race card” and cause a major ruckus, including bringing up several modern political issues that for the moment, are being overlooked by the admin team. The general administrative ruling in the past has been that nightmares are valid targets for security due to their (normally) inherent harm to the ship, much like space ninjas, who are also often listed as KOS by security, but can, from time to time, make peace.

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I don’t know what you mean, I did that once because security arrested me as the ethereal chaplain for having a light energy sword nullrod and I really didn’t care to ahelp, so I decided I’d just be a nuisance to them (they almost killed me by keeping me cuffed and allowing me to accumulate toxin damage). Also, it’d be unfair to assume that people aren’t discriminated against for their origin as it commonly happens in-game with crew insulting other crew on the basis of what race they chose at the character setup panel.

If it is the ruling that nightmares are valid to everyone, I apologize for this ticket and retract it.

Complaint closed. Not Upheld.