Player Complaint - Suno Hall //RESOLVED//

Player Complaint - [Suno] -[ Meejapa-Jeela]

Your ckey:Remerv_Keberb

Your IC name:U.S.S.R.

Your Discord ID:Remerv Keberb#2111

Date of round:23/10/2022

Round ID:5132 and 5133

Defendant’s IC Name:Meejapa-Jeela

Defendant’s ckeySunopearson:

On round ID 5132, on the atlas, Meejapa was the CE and had begun construction of a SM in the chapel, a public space through which the crew has to go past to reach departures. They were warned several times about the dangers and they were told that if radiation seeped through the slim walls and into the halls of the station, they would be fired.
To hammer home this point I set a Geiger counter in the door of the entrance to departures right next to cargo and told them if it started to go off, they’d be fired.

The radiation did not hold, the counters started blaring and it was now not only a highly explosive weakpoint of the ship to overmap fire in the Chapel. But also a passive radiation hazard to anyone in departures

CC was contacted and I notified them that I’m likely going to have to fire the CE for their actions. The full log of this I’m certain can be dug up and attested to by the admin in question if need be as they later sent an intern to help out.

After getting a reply from CC but before the intern arrived, Suno said they were going to swap out the fuel in the SD with tritium.
This would’ve been a completely pointless change that would’ve prevented us from continuing the round until they were done with it. So I dropped everything and gave them the order to report to the XO’s office for demotion.
They pretended that what they were doing was fine despite the several physical,verbal and visual warnings about the SM I gave them.
They completely ignored my points about the SM except to say something along the lines of, “The radiation wasn’t that bad” and, “No one got killed yet”

I gave them several more chances to report for demotion and threatened escalation. To this they replied by turning off their suit sensors and running.
I conscripted the MAA to help me arrest them and we cornered them in an airlock to space where they were escaping.
We gave them several more warnings to stand down peacefully but it was like talking to a brick wall. So eventually I charged them with my ion sabre and stamcrit them, cuffed them, stripped them of all job related gear and demoted them.
The entire time they were screaming over comms about how the XO is arresting them for no reason and how they were “just” repairing breaches.

We get them in the brig and from there there’s an intern interview which I won’t get into too much details about now, if needed. I’d appreciate the admin in question adding anything they noticed I missed.

They eventually roam the ship as a midshipman and I tell the intern that they’re a liability to the ship and are likely going to attempt to break into the CE’s office to steal their stuff back.
They assure me CC will do all they can, and fly off.

Suno then proceeds to steal their stuff back from the CE’s office and even gloats about it.

This is not the first complaint against suno for this exact type of behavior. In fact, it’s not even the second
This is the third one, in a long list of threads with people in the comments voicing their qualms with suno as a player because of their utter juvenile and toxic behavior

But the ride doesn’t end there. The very next round, round ID 5133 Suno is back in the CE slot. They start the round off with a swimming display by running the SD on some fucked up mix that constantly grav pulses, delaying FTL spoolage.
And then proceed to get into the pettiest drama I have ever experienced with the MAA over common in loudspeaker mode.
The details of what even happened are a mystery to me but there was never a single attempt at settling it, they were instead constantly escalating it by stealing things from the MAA and berating them over comms despite my several orders as captain to drop it.
On the MAA’s side I could tell that it was just a character thing for them as they were joking around and making very cheesy remarks.
But in Suno’s case it was all just mundane actual grovel that felt like it was pent up frustration from the previous round.

This persisted throughout combat, and throughout our raid of Rubi. I was at this point so exhausted with their behavior after giving several verbal requests and warnings to drop it I just couldn’t be bothered as I knew it was just going to be the same annoying brick wall it always is. So instead of going through the slog and repeating the last shift note for note I ahelped and just powered through the shift because to deal with them in any way that they’ll have even a chance to listen would’ve taken up a near half hour of the entire crews time. So the admin just told me to make a player complaint and here we are, third to the party. Gotta admit, pretty hilarious once I learnt that.

In closing, the way I see it. Suno has been doing this for forever as CE. Two player complaints and countless rounds of getting told off has not changed his behavior in the least. There isn’t even an attempt, he simply does these things and the calamity is up to everyone around him to fix. In a grueling, tiring way just so he doesn’t throw a temper tantrum about it.
To say he’s not head of staff material is putting it very very fucking lightly.
Personally I’d bar them from engineering outright but at least he’d be a lot more manageable without the position of power CE offers.

This player complaint has been resolved and action will be taken shortly, thank you for making a complaint.