Player Complaint: XIS-443 - //RETRACTED//

Player Complaint - N/A - XIS-443

Your ckey: DocDerp

Your IC name: Jacquetta Pritchard

Your Discord ID: Doctor Derp#3046

Date of round: 8/17/2020

Round ID: 811

Defendant’s IC Name: XIS-443

Defendant’s ckey: N/A

Complaint: I believe when he first joined, i walked up to him as security officer, he says things like screen, game etc. I tell him over LOOC that you should use this and mentor help and how to use it.

A day later, I’m playing security patrolling, I find a chainsaw and spear on the floor of the hangar, i pick them up and he comes along and tries to take them from me, i warn him, then point my taser at him, and eventually apprehend him with he doesn’t put the spear down. He goes on a spiel about how shitsec i was and this continues for several minutes. He throws in words like lmfao and shit.

I didn’t even give him any time, i just took the weapons.

I probably sound like a salty sec officer by now, but i’m not asking for a ban or anything. Just tell him that this is MRP, not LRP, and to stop saying OOC things in IC.

Thats, all.

I think we need to clarify the purpose of this forum, because it certainly isn’t complaints this uh, inactionable.

Someone told me to complain here and not the discord, so i did. Was half asleep too, feel free to delete this cause now i feel a bit embarrassed. :upside_down_face: