Player report: Josh Braun - //STALE//

Player Complaint - [Unknown] - [Josh Braun]

Your ckey: yyzsong

Your IC name: Camryn Hynes

Your Discord ID: yyzsong#8508

Date of round: 10/26/2020

Round ID: 1146

Defendant’s IC Name: Josh Braun

Defendant’s ckey: Unknown

Complaint: Roundstart, captain gives AA to a random munitions tech. Said munitions tech was a traitor who proceeded to steal the captain’s hardsuit and claim the ship for the syndicate. The captain does nothing about this. As i start killing said traitorous bastard in engineering, the captain welders me to death for some reason. After he does this, he tries to repeat my “Kill the traitor” trick, but dies instead

The logs confirm that the captain gave out AA.
Another admin is performing a deeper report on this.