Player report: Tyrone Biggums - SevenEleven711 - //VALID//

Player Report: Tyrone Biggums - SevenEleven711

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IC name:
saul parker
Date of round:
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Defendant’s IC Name:
Tyrone Biggums
Defendant’s ckey:
As a geneticist, got space proof and lighting hands mutations, randomly attacking people. After I and the captain decided to arrest him, he ran off to space, coming back every once in a while to continue attacking people. When the whole crew knew he was a criminal, he stayed in space, shooting lighting AGAIN via windows this time, even shot cap while we were busy fighting syndie fleet.
I actually killed him after that but this type of shittery really should be handled.

After a review of game logs administrative action has been taken. This forum thread will remain open until 10/28/2020 for comment or question from SevenEleven711.

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