Pulse Rifles/New Weapons

I think we should do something about pulse rifles, not many people use them and the only times they get used is by people seeing a unique gun for the first time and thinking it might be good and new seccies grabbing them from the armoury, everyone else who has used them know that they’re not really good in combat with 10 round lethal mags and 30 round stun mags that don’t get used because they’re not needed for lethal situations such as boarders. I’m also pretty sure we’ve had ideas for new guns in the past but i haven’t seen anyone actually trying to get them in apart from some sprites. one of these for example was an mp5 smg, something like this compared to a c20 could potentially balance fights if they’re both similar to eachother meaning one side doesn’t just demolish the other just because their gun was faster/stronger. Overall i think we just need more variety in weapons or something to replace the pulse rifle (and maybe m1911’s, been seeing alot less of those around too)