QAI's 'Super'fact of the Day

Knowledge is Power.

Fact #1.

  • It would take 609 Elephants stacked on top of eachother to reach the Moon. You would also be responsible for the largest single genocide of elephants.

But what the fuck is an elephant?
Who the fuck are you?
Why are you in my house, man?

okay but who says we have to follow the laws of phyisics in this clearly hypothetical scenario, just turn off gravity to avoid elephant genocide

whoops, space is a vacum, i guess the elephants are dead now

Fact #2

  • The Scientist who analysed the plutonium for the first atomic bomb was called Mr Doom.

False. Space does not exist.

Fact #3

  • The National Anthem of Ukraine ‘Shche ne vmerla Ukrayina’ roughly translates to “Ukraine has not died yet.” / “Ukraine is not dead yet.”

Fact #4

  • Cats can recognise their owners voices, but have evolved to ignore them.

Fact #5

  • The 1900’s Paris Olympics featured a 200m swimming race… with obstacles.

That is simply false, according to, the tallest elephants are around 336 cm, which is 3.36 meters, the closest distance to the moon is around 356 500 km, this means you need roughly 106 million elephants stacked on top of eachother to reach the moon.

Fact #6

  • Speeding fines in Finland reflect the offenders earnings. In 2002, a Nokia executive was fined €116,000 for doing 75kph in a 50kph zone.

he never said the facts were true

Fact #7

  • You cannot kill a sponge with your bear hands.

Maybe you can’t, but I can

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Fact #8

  • The Shell of an armadillo is so tough that bullets can bounce off of it.

Fact #9

  • Professional Boxing is banned in Cuba, because the prize money is incomparable with Marxism.

Super Duper Special
Fact #10

  • It is QAI’s birthday today.
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habby birthday

Fact #11

  • The most borrowed book from the Houses of Parliament Library is called How Parliament Works.