Re add Aetherwhisp to low pop queue

Please for the love of all that is sacred add the Aetherwisp back as a vote option for very low population. At the moment Atlas is really the only ship viable for very low pop and Atlas is a good ship don’t get me wrong, but atlas every round is soul destroying. please add aetherwisp back as a vote option to add some variety back to low pop NSV.

Thanks. John Gregson/Fergatron

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I second that. Whisp is a good ship when it comes to lowpop because most of its subsystems like engineering and munition are hands off

The Whisp is an effective ship, and can be run entirely by two skilled engineers. The only downside is they have to be skilled, But the ship can be run at a lower pop.
So I am ok with this.

Eclipse is a ship that was designed from the ground up for the lowest of pop yet I don’t even see you acknowledge its existence. On top of that the Snake is equally as viable a lowpop ship as the Atlas (even having more gauss guns close to one another for faster rotation between them).

The whisp used to be a small ship which could run with smaller crews, but due to its massive size it is now more fite for a larger one. If you want us to consider putting it back in rotation I suggest you make a mapping PR that decreases its size back down.
Besides that, it is in my opinion harder to operate the Aetherwhisp with a smaller crew, because managing the shields can be a challenge for less experienced engineers. This is why running a ship without shields and with more armour is better for lower player counts where the chance of more experienced players joining is lower.