Readding weapons construction

I know it may seem questionable, but there is legimate reason to re-add weapon construction.

The issues with weapons construction have come from spammability, while it’s benefits come from giving munitions things to do in their downtime.

While it’s benefits are inherent and don’t really change on a weapon by weapon basis, we can look at it’s downside from a weapon to weapon basis.

PDC: More racks simply adds extra maximum ammo, nothing broken there.

VLS/Torpedo tubes: Frankly currently questionable at best, even when massed, no issues here.

NAC: Due to massive size it’d be hard to find the space for it, also the many parts on multiple decks result in a slow construction process and that is not even asking about the price, which was extremely large when it was possible, again quite balanced.

Gauss: Weapons construction for it was never possible and while it’d be interesting to get them constructible I am not asking anyone to do the extra labor produced by making them constructible.