Recovered multi-z implementations

Plain copy paste from old forums.
Some ideas Kmc asked me to get written down.

Stepladder: Bulky, click on an open space to place the ladder. Giving you a way to navigate up and down a z-level. Use in hand whilst standing beneath open space, to place the ladder simmilarily. Large in hand sprite beneath arm.

Compact ladder: Syndie item, dark and red like the angsty teen syndies are. Foldable loony toons style so it can fit in your backpack. Works the same as stepladder.

Engineering scanner goggles: Gives them another mode on their multi use goggles. This mode marks all tiles around you that has openspace above the tile, around you.

IC action: Look up. You have a short action bar pop up apove you as you “look around”, marking all tiles in view distance for a short while, where there is open space above you.


First two suggestions do exist on the higher RP servers it should be technically easy. Fourth I think we will be getting soon. Third suggestion is actually a god damn good idea. No idea how to do it though.