Red031000 - riquegameplays - Not stressed out anymore //DENIED//

IC NAME: Wrightitanium MMC… I can’t remember all the numerals
BYOND KEY: riquegameplays
DATE OF BAN: 23/10/2022 (exactly a month ago!)

REASON FOR BAN: Latejoin Captain, I got stressed out (more than I already was) by some of the crew’s incompetency, so I suicided with the disk (to avoid repeating what I did last time) and abruptely (but not before telling the admin I would do so) left the game for a shower (to calm myself, who knows what I would’ve punched). Was told to once again chill out and appeal.
And apparently, I was issued a perma only because I had come off a pseudo-perma

YOUR APPEAL: Summer break! I’m free of the stress from the finals, this ban (as did the last) happened during the test weeks (I shouldn’t have logged in during that, but hey, I still got nice grades).
Like last time I was told to appeal once I had calmed myself down, but this time it’s for real, so I’m back.
While I do think issuing a ban was fit for the situation, a full on perma (even though it helped me) over a captain suicide (while surrounded by fellow command members), rather than a lengthy command ban, was very out of place.
I think that’s about it, there’s not much to say other than sorry (sorry).

I have looked over the logs of the event again, and based on your previous history, and the circumstances of this event, I am going to deny your appeal.

Your previous perma unbanning was contingent on good behaviour, and your behaviour towards the crew (insulting and berating them) followed by your suicide as captain is not an example of good behaviour in the slightest.

As such you will not be unbanned at the moment, you may try again once sufficient time has passed.