Reduce the roll chance for extended

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brick said: 1. sec has nothing to do
2. the rounds are repetitive and boring, antags are the lifeblood of ss13 and give it endless replayability, with constant extended shit gets boring

Taigo said: main point is: most rounds are fucking extended. we get nothing but fucking extended. cult, tot, changeling, etc. rounds are fucking rare as balls. i haven’t even SEEN clings in ages. the most security has to care about most of the time is fucking boarders or the occasional pirate or shadowling. it’s fucking boring, dominates most of the rounds, and basically just makes rounds fucking boring and long for non-ship-combat crew.

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The idea of having to fend off both internal and external threats is why I play on this server. It’s the most intense and XTREEM SS13 experience out there. But only when you actually have antags. Being a fighter pilot is all well and good and tides over the boredom of rolling non-antag, but without traitors it’s just crappy, laggy Asteroids. And you can be drafted into munitions and MOVE CRATE only so much until you die of boredom.

I don’t miss lings or cultists TBH but more traitor rounds please.