Removal of the bar(tender) to be replaced with a bootlegger soft antag

My idea is for the bar and it’s tender to be removed with the in lore explaination of “combat crews should not be drunk on duty”, this would force the crew to use interesting methods to get their brew, such as using wooden barrels to ferment fruit or bribing the chemist for ethanol. As for the bootlegger, it would be a role where you have to try and manufacture and distribute booze under SEC’s nose. Any feedback you have is appreciated

It’s an interesting idea, I think having a dedicated job for it that you can pick round-start isn’t the greatest of ways to do it though for both metagaming purposes on secs side and also the self-antagging head aching that would come from it. Having it be something you can instead roll as a sidejob objective would be a lot better. As you’ll never know if there is even a bootlegger on station. Or who it would be while emphasizing that you shouldn’t be escalating past just trying to sneak booze about.
Main issue I see with this honestly is remaking every map to remove the bar. And even then, bars are cool and stylish. I don’t see how it’d go over smoothly to just get rid of them.

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Definitely agree with Keberb here, plus the fact that this is the space 80’s so booze and cigarettes are absolutely allowed.

Hell there crew
As the infamous badideasguy even I recognize on sight that this particular idea is bad
As it would do away with the precious bartender and all their drinks and bar experiences, which seems to be an integrated part of ss13
Also the drunkenness doesn’t even last long enough to be a problem anyway and NT probably knows it, as our crew members have ridiculously fast metabolisms

I like this idea a lot tbh, I think it would be refreshing to make it special. Make the saloon in hidden away compartment in maint. Most of security may even look the other way if it means they can get a drink too.