Security Collar

Item name: Security Collar

Equipment slot: Neck

Item Requirements: 70% Iron 20% glass 10% gold. (I’m not sure of the exact material requirements it would need, but something where officers don’t slap these on every prisoner that exists)

Use: Restricting prisoners to a certain area, such as their department. Alerts security if they break restriction. A (possible) other option besides the permabrig, may also be useful in punishments like forced labor.

How to use: Use a security level ID (Security Officer level. Perhaps Warden level.) to unlock the interface, then set the accessible areas by clicking it while it’s in your hand. Place it on prisoner, bring him to the restriction area, then use an ID on it again to lock it shut. (It may be worth making a ‘Internals Toggle’-like action on the “Other player inventory menu”. EX: “Neck: [Security Collar] [Unlock]”)

Emag use: Unlocks and destroys.

Description: A tight fitting grey collar. It has a small panel in the front and latches in the back.

Immediately after entering an area which is not defined in the collar settings, the collar should start to audibly count down from 5, stating something like “Warning! You are entering a non-authorized area! You have 5 seconds to retreat.”
If the prisoner does not retreat into the defined area, it will alert security over the radio. Something like “Alert! [prisoner name] has breached restriction at [current location]!”

I believe this would be a good way for security to people productive, while also keeping them under arrest. I do not, however, think this would be a good idea during group antagonists (cult, revolutionary, etc), major emergencies (several hull breaches, engine explosion, blob, etc), or severe crimes (Bombing, Murder, Sabotage, execution-level crimes, etc) Some good examples would be for: Theft, Major Trespass, assault, dereliction of duty and more.

The goal of this item is to keep players active in the game, without removing them from it, (Such as a replacement for permabrig, in certain situations) or stopping security from doing their job.

Perhaps for an syndicate version, I have three ideas. (Might be around 20 TC? I have no idea, 99% I’m not a traitor.)
1, A basic timer, counts down from 60 or so seconds and detonates, completely decapitating the wearer and violently flinging their head across the room several tiles.
2, A Fallout: New Vegas sort of style, going near intercoms or other radio equipment causes the timer to count down.
3, A slave collar, opening the cover will allow you to set a code and frequency. Has a 50/50 chance of gibbing your head or decapitating you in the fashion of the first idea when detonated. (Any other way is also fine, this is just an Idea)

(I apologize if anything is unclear, this is my first post on this fourm. I just thought it’d be nice to contribute <3)


I can’t really see a reason why they should exist.

Can you give some examples when they should/when they should not get used? Is it only security channel warning, or some audible/electrical warning issued? Is it getting added to prisoner management console? Is it just going to be tracking implant v0.5?

It should require some wiki work, too.

I’ve edited the examples of the alerts/warnings, although these can be changed to whatever fits best. Also included a few examples where it should and shouldn’t be used. I apologize if i didn’t explain well enough, but if there’s anything else i should edit/clarify, please tell me.

Also i have no idea what you mean by wiki work, a-ha…

Ankle tags lmao

Sure this could be fun

Simply add them in security guide, equipment and space law.
Ahaha. What we don’t have in those guides?
But yes, after better explanation I find this idea nice. Maybe add a syndicate version, purchasable through uplink? Should explode or something.

I’ve added a few examples for the syndicate version, I’ll see about the wiki stuff in the future.

Would be interesting if you could also add area restrictions, where sec is alarmed if they enter engineering for example

Security ankle tags honk

Fun idea, would probably be a thing to make on upstream (bee)

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