[Sergei Koralev] - theXDkidoflol - Half-year ban //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Motti Tarkin

BYOND KEY: theXDkidoflol

DATE OF BAN: 2021-08-07 02:39:02

DURATION OF BAN: 184 days (Half a year)

ADMIN BYOND KEY: Sergei Koralev

REASON FOR BAN: Murdered the XO because they accidentally hit him with a tug, XDkid started trying to destroy the tug, then (xo) launched their fighter into space, then XD decided the appropriate course of action was to murder the XO “because he was being a shitter”. My friend, re-read the rules more carefully, you have half a year to do so. Appeal on the forums when you bother to if you feel like it.

YOUR APPEAL: For an introduction, here’s a (hopefully) unbiased explanation of the events that occurred leading to this ban as I remember them. If something is labeled ‘I believe’ then I can’t 100% confirm, but I have good reason to think so. Feel free to add corrections!

The XO, Brick Lowe, walked into the hangar with a midshipman following him. I do not know why the XO got into a tug, but I believe there was no rational reason for it, and there wasn’t a known rational reason to begin driving around the hanger in circles. I believed at the time it was simply to mess around for the hell of it. The XO hit me with the tug while driving, twice, so I grabbed a nearby oxygen tank and tried to hit the tug, to either signal him to get out or to at least stop his perceived fucking about. The admin told me he claimed to have hit me with the tug on accident. More on that later.

Eventually, the XO goes to my fighter, still in the tug, and due to a currently unknown reason (Possibly due to the fact I had hit the tug and could be perceived as aggressive), launched my heavy fighter into space with no pilot, effectively getting rid of it. I believe I was told he claimed to have done it on accident. When he got out and went to the airlock, I ended up shoving the midshipman with him to the ground, stealing their rifle, and shooting the XO. I critted him, before dragging him to the open hangar bay door, his last words saying the heavy fighter was replaceable, and then I spaced him.

At the time, no admins were on, so I ahelped against the XO for spacing my fighter and pinged someone on the discord. Eventually, Koralev came on, we discussed in the ahelp, and eventually, my game froze, signaling that I was banned when I tried to reconnect.

Let me start the proper appeal by saying that, as the end of the ban reason remarks, I didn’t read the rules that thoroughly. I read the primary ones that say to ‘read these if nothing else’ since I wasn’t sure if I’d like the server, and that was it, although I didn’t even really commit those to memory. It doesn’t help that, in the heat of the moment when there were no admins on, I didn’t want the XO to just get off scot-free for spacing my fighter. Shooting him to critical condition would easily have been more than enough, though, so I did definitely go overboard, and that definitely is my fault. I think I may have also believed at the time the XO would be able to be admin revived if he wasn’t at fault here, but I can’t be certain on that.

But, the lack of admins is something to note. At the time, no admins were online, and I didn’t want him going free for spacing my heavy fighter that, mind you, had at the time irreplaceable torpedoes (munitions was blown to all hell, not that there was muni crew anyway). It would have definitely been smarter to wait for an admin to come on, but I didn’t think they had a fast response time; I’m used to servers where the admins are either omnipresent or won’t respond to anything but pings if even that. Think of places like Beestation and Colonial Marines.

It’s also worth noting I’ve no note history on NSV; at least, not to my knowledge. I’m still new to the server, and a good amount of what’s in the rules is the culture of them, and how they’re treated. For example; the topic of ‘how much to escalate’ is left rather vague. The extremes are painted out clearly, but the specifics… Left vague. The best example is the entire “Precedents,exceptions, and clarification: Examples and exceptions to the main rules.“ section. A vast majority of the examples are clearly on one side or the other, thus not helping to aid against vagueness that can only be found out by playing the server for a while. Admittedly, I probably should have played safe instead, but again, the heat of the moment is a powerful thing.

Finally, I do genuinely believe still that he was just being a shitter, as I said in the admin PM. He claimed that he had only hit me and launched my fighter into space on accident, and I might believe he only hit me on accident or at least have reacted less harshly if he hadn’t been spamming *laugh as he did it. He also happened to space the only named fighter in the hangar bay at the time, when he had to go across the hangar bay to grab it. Earlier in the round as well, when power and comms were out, I asked him to announce to the engineers to fix it; he said he’d do it if I gave him 200 credits. He was also the XO when we jumped into a combat zone with no warning and did horribly, and while I believe he was in charge of the jump, I can’t verify it. He’s also got a recently accepted permaban appeal, though I only knew that after the fact.

To end this off; I do seriously believe he was being a shitter, and I still think he is one. The name does ring a bell as someone who mained maintenance technician, the CM version of assistant practically speaking, so maybe that also contributes to my distaste. However, I did react out of line. What I did was undoubtedly overkill, and while I thought at the moment it might be justifiable, I’ve since been shown it wasn’t.

I do feel the ban length was obscenely long. A note would certainly be light, a day ban would probably be appropriate, a week ban would be a bit heavy but understandable given the way NSV operates, but a half year ban…

I’m undoubtedly biased towards myself due to it being, well, me, but I do hope you can understand where I’m coming from here. I’ve learned since then, given the rules a more thorough reading, and I’m hoping to come back. NSV is a great server, and it feels novel enough to have new, fun, unique mechanics while being enough like old SS13 to still be fun to me. I don’t want to leave it already.

Thanks, Grey.

You murdered and spaced your commanding officer. How did you not expect this to end with you in trouble? Furthermore, let me grab some quick connection data for, and yes we do read your Ckey while we’re administrating, The :joy: Kid of Laugh Out Loud.


So I’m walking into this ticket, I find the XO dead on the outside of the ship, killed by The laughing kid of laugh out loud, who has two hours on the server cumulatively. So my immediate thought process is this: “If you think this is an appropriate response by any stretch of the imagination this isn’t the server for you.” You don’t murder your CO “for being a shitter.” While I appreciate your go-getter attitude and spunky resourcefulness “murder your commanding officer and throw them out the airlock” still isn’t in the playbook of ways to deal with shitters.

Now that I’ve got what I walked into the situation with, here we go.

1: According to the XO they were showing someone new around.
2: Why would you believe there was no rational reason? Are there other people to do it? Possibly, but there are, in fact, plenty of rational reasons for someone to get into a fighter tug, namely, to move fighters or demonstrate that ability.

So this is another demonstration of “this isn’t the place for you”. You elected, to your claim, after getting bumped twice by the tug, to do damage to expensive operating equipment rather than do the thing with the radio and your mouth called “talking on the radio” to communicate with your superior officer and request he exercise more caution.

This was dealt with separately administratively, first of all.

So you bullied the assistant that was being showed around, took their gun, and used it to shoot your (and their) commanding officer. And THEN (yes I’m gonna keep saying it) threw him out an airlock.

I’d have to pull logs, but if this is all in chronological order then you did this in about the exact opposite of anything even resembling appropriate.

Specifics are left vague because every situation has its own level of finesse and nuance to it. Extremes are easy to paint because of their namesake, they are the extremes. That all said, spacing your commanding officer is pretty fucking extreme.

Dealing with shitters is not your job. It’s my job. Low roleplay is an administrative issue, not a reason for you to gun down your commanding officer and throw him out an airlock.

Now this is just capitalism. Friendly reminder: You work for Nanotrasen here, a corporate entity. Expect greed. Not everyone will do things out of the kindness of their own hearts.

Stop focusing on “BUT HE DID… !”
We’re talking about your conduct, not that of the XO.

You’re a two hour account. You shot your CO and threw him out an airlock for spacing a piece of equipment that ultimately, while it is expensive, can be replaced.

I understand your desire to have a positive and engaging gameplay experience, unfortunately I can not let you have that and sacrifice the positive gameplay experiences of others simply because you believe them to be shitters.

The username is horrible. I’m more than aware, and I’d change it if I could, but… eh. Not worth the effort and the lost history on this account.

There ARE rational reasons to get into a tug, but there’s not many to drive around in circles beyond fucking about. Though, thinking back on it, yeah, if he was showing someone new around, that’s a bit of harmless fun, huh… Quick assumptions tend to be wrong, sadly. That’s on me.

I forget if the radio was even working at the time. The hangar was depressurized, too, so I couldn’t just yell at him to stop. Though, miscommunication was a huge part of it, yeah… and a large amount of that WAS on my part.

I’m… Yeah, I definitely should have just had admins deal with it. It was my belief at the time that I could treat this more like the older space station, and that higher-ranked roles don’t deserve much respect, since they’re just players who picked a higher role. Evidently, I’m mistaken there; and for that, I apologize.

It is in chronological order, yes. I should have ahelped first, and for that, you’re dead right.

Again; I didn’t think they deserved much respect on a 20 player server. I still didn’t have any respect since they asked for money to ask engineers to do their job during a power and comms outage. Still, murder was wildly overboard, huh…

There wasn’t an admin on at the time. I didn’t think there’d be such a fast response rate, so the heat of the moment hit, and I wanted to do something to prevent him from just getting off scot-free from this. Evidently, admin response time is a lot faster than I thought.

I would hope people do their jobs that Nanotrasen is paying them to do, though.

I know this was bad; that’s what I’m saying. I reacted wildly out of line, and I’m aware of the fact that I should have ahelped and left it as is. It’s just hard to leave something like that standing when there’s a very real possibility he’ll get away without punishment, but I’ve since learned that leaving it standing is a better decision then effectively executing my commanding officer over something that definitely IS infuriating, but still not irreplacable.

You’re right, and I’m aware of that. I don’t want to be gone from this server for this one mistake.
I’m sorry. Shouldn’t happen again.

Alright, I’ll agree to reduce this. You’ll have next weekend off still, which should make the ban total 5 days of normal server operations. Beyond that I implore you to remember this, administrative issues are settled by administrators. If you feel that something is deserving of mutiny, we have rules regarding that namely get admin approval and, when you do so, in a very detailed manor explain why you want to mutiny. Ultimately yes, at some points shitters will get into command positions, we do our best to root them out. Sometimes we succeed in running a tight ship, sometimes something slips through the cracks. If by the end of the round you haven’t had an admin resolve your ticket make a player report, note down the round date and ID number (take a screenshot of the status panel) and be as descriptive as possible about factual information (ideally that can be proved through logs) that went on in the round.

We get a LOT of logs, say, emotes, attacks, reagent transfers, all of that gets logged and we can access it after the fact.

Ultimately if you make a good strong effort to roleplay out a situation admins are likely to be more lenient if you were forced to take action before we were able to respond. The general escalation rule is fairly straight forward, and I’ll make sure that this gets documented better as well, as a defender you are permitted (but not necisarilly encouraged) to utilize equal or one step greater force in your defense.

non-lethal armed
Lethal unarmed
lethal armed

Ultimately what we want to see though is an attempt at de-escalation. Attempt to disengage and turn it into a talking moment rather than a “apply toolbox until spessman horizontal” moment.

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