[Sergei Koralev] - ZanderDowdall - Ban Appeal for raisin //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Artyom Ducksworth (I think)

BYOND KEY: ZanderDowdall

DATE OF BAN: 01/31/2003


ADMIN BYOND KEY: Sergai Koralev

Randomly and Wordlessly started shoving and then kicking an assistant. Then got robusted. Also logged as stealing items from people in crit (Looting), and general LRP during round 1783 (2021/01/31). Even for clowns we have standards. Given your not history I think it may be best you have to appeal on the fourms.

YOUR APPEAL: At this stage, I think I’m safe to say I’ve atleast matured in terms of being able to MRP, along with not go around tiding in a way that is completely unfun.
The ban was perfectly valid, as I was clearly being just a shitter, and Im only appealing as Id like to give the server a proper try. From what I can tell, I broke rules 1,3 and possibly 8, although my memory of what I did is non-existent, so Im going mostly based on the ban reason.

Reading through the situation, this seems like it was mostly a “let’s have a conversation on the Forums” situation, alot of time has passed and the situations are minor enough that I’m definitely willing to unban you. Ban appeal //ACCEPTED//