[Sergei] - Morgoth65 - Snipping wires in maintenance- //UNBANNED//

BYOND KEY: Morgoth65
DATE OF BAN: 202-05-16 22:58

ADMIN BYOND KEY: Swegei Koralev
REASON FOR BAN: I was snipping wires in the station as an engeneer and when they found out i already had disconected
YOUR APPEAL: im realy sorry, i had no idea what to do as an engeneer so i did that and then had to go, i think the admin thought that i just desstroid everything to fuck around but i was just trying to experiment. im new to the game and i wanted to try engeneer but didnt know what to do. i wont be fucking around like that again, sorry

Uh, you’re meant to post this as a new topic in the #administration:ban-appeals section. Not a direct message to me. I’ll go ahead and do that for you though.

@Sergei-Koralev Banning Administrator ping.

Additional Information:

  • Round ID: 331
  • Time Applied[UTC]: 2020-05-16 22:58:24

Yes, so the main issue was that you cut off the main power supply for the upper deck of the entire ship and didn’t repair it, as well as the air and scrubber network. I’m all for new players learning, and hope to see you on the server in the future. In the future when you’re screwing around to figure things out I’d suggest finding an area that doesn’t have a lot in it and start working out how cables and such work. As well you can ask your fellow engineers and atmos techs! Most people don’t mind teaching.

The main reason for the ban was that with you disconnected we couldn’t contact you to clarify anything, so we just assumed that it was grief.

Your ban appeal is ACCEPTED