Server ban - [Ansome] - Burns-Alive-Alot - Self antagging - //STALE//

IC NAME: Burns-Alive-Alot
BYOND KEY: Jenkins27
DATE OF BAN: 2021/01/25 23:07:10

ADMIN BYOND KEY: Ansome (I am unable to check if this is correct because I am banned; Catch 22 regardless I am sure this is enough information to tell, as I do not believe there are two Ansomes on NSV.)
REASON FOR BAN: See attachment below.

The ban message (deliberately or not) strips context, and as such anyone reading it would believe I had committed a much worse act than I did, and as such I am also worried the person who wrote this believes this is what actually happened, and is the reason the ban length is 14 days. I will now show an edited version of it, all edits in ( )

Self-antagging when falsely accused of terroristic acts (and arrested two times for them, after being let go twice the captain ordered the use of lethals) made an actual terroristic threat in protest (to stop themselves getting executed) in which they brought a(n unarmed) bomb to CIC and loudly claimed they would (not) blow it up with the Captain alongside it. (After which they let themselves be arrested by security) […] Furthermore, Ahelp before thinking that terroristic threats are “self defence” (I believe this was meant to be “Ahelp before commiting (fake) terroristic acts in self defence”, because “thinking” implies that it is not possible to commit a terroristic act in self defence, which is inherently wrong, I would also like to add that no admins were online, and several other servers contain similar messages to NSV at the start (mentioning that adminhelps are forwarded to their discord) as this is a default /tg/ downstream message the majority of them do not actually do this, while ignorance itself is not a defence, ignorance through misleading information is… I hope.

A real world example is that in the united states of America swatting (the act of reporting a fake bomb threat, hostage situation, mass shooting or similar event) is a federal offence, but not classed as terrorism (in any state) as of 25/01/2021. Capture

Thanks for following up regarding your ban. While swatting involves reporting a fake bomb (namely taht someone ELSE has one), do note that it means no bomb was actually in existence. You went up to CIC, and regardless of what you said afterwards, did state that you had an explosive device and had to be arrested. If you go to a movie theater claiming to have a bomb, even if that bomb is not activated, it is still an attempted act of terrorism. Regardless of your lack of knowledge regarding our Ahelp system, it frankly baffles me that you somehow thought that after being accused of terrorism, making a terroristic threat of sorts outside CIC would clear you of your charges. This falls under self-antagging as you deliberately made yourself a potential security threat and acted in a manner that for all intensive purposes was only fitting for an actual antagonist. Under the definition of an act of terrorism, it’s impossible to commit one under the guise of self defense.

I’ve decided to be somewhat lenient regarding your ban sentence as we only go up for about 4 days each week, so your ban is more accurately reflected as 8 days total. I politely ask you reflect upon our rules and reassess the situation which brought us to this point. Your record on other servers such as Bee and Fulp has included violent over-escalation (as is also applicable here) and I would be severely disappointed if you made a similar record of it here. Should you respect NSV13 then please review our rules and understand the leniency you are receiving just this once.

Having seen the relay for the appeal, I am coming into this with my knowledge being the contents of this appeal.

In the very screenshot you provide it shows “Applied by Ansome”

“made an actual terroristic threat in protest (to stop themselves getting Definitely confirm to security that they are a threat and get themselves executed)”
I do not see how you could believe this would help you. Any reasonable person can see that this reaffirms danger.

A bomb is a bomb, security would have no way of knowing it’s unarmed. And you brought it into the situation while making threats that reinforced you being a terrorist, while committing acts meant to create terror.

Even if you’re not sure the feature works, you can still try it, at bare minimum it leaves an ahelp in the logs that can be checked in a later appeal even if they don’t have a relay. This used to be common practice back in the day as to ensure there is a trail. As for here, we have it set up and it works.

Is an act against another person, such as falsely reporting that they made a threat. You actively made a threat and put yourself in a threatening position with an object clearly representing a bomb, that’s not somebody else falsely reporting that you are doing it, that’s you actually doing it.

This appeal appears to be under faulty logic.

I just want to put this in a little bit of context to remind everyone a few facts about this MRP server.

  • You are an employee of Nanotrasen.
  • You are on a military/paramilitary ship.
  • You, as a reasonable employee, want to keep your job.

Yet you, as a non-antag, managed to, by your own admission, get arrested twice by internal security forces for possible acts against the ship, cleared yourself, and then thought that “for my own protection I should build a bomb and stand outside of CIC with it” when Security is already in the mindset of you being a major threat to the station.

I want to make this abundantly clear.

You made and brought a bomb
To your commanding officer/manager’s office.

Two testing sessions doesn’t seem that out of line given your history on other servers combined with things, even taking the appeal at face value.

The bomb was already built, and the captain claimed the entirety of the science department might by syndicate agents and that we had committed mutiny because the RD had declared so. The bomb wasn’t unarmed in the sense that I didn’t activate it, it was unarmed in the sense that there was no activation button. I was following the principles of mutually assured destruction, although it appears that members of security are incompetent enough to ignore what they at the time believed to be a real bomb. I was intending to make a demand for fighter access so I could leave the ship, or try and figure out where cryo was. The only reason I didn’t get executed or perma’d beforehand was because I was standing in a torpedo launch room with a welder and a nuke. I was also a non-military employee, and had already been charged with mutiny, if you think there is a way to avoid getting executed, let alone keep your job, please tell me, however you haven’t provided an alternative solution other than ahelping, which I couldn’t have known about at the time.

Right, sorry for the delay. I think that the ban is appropriate to the actions as portreyed. Ultimately I’ll still leave it up to @Ansome