Server Ban - [Kmc2000] - Damien Hawkins - Being general dickhead, Conspiracy - //DENIED//

Server Ban
IC NAME: Main character is Damien Hawkins, but I was offline.
BYOND KEY: LeadOnTaste
DATE OF BAN: 19:13:42 during round 1642 in 02.01.2021
REASON FOR BAN: Conspiracy to sneak items into the codebase, egregious repeated abhorrent behaviour in Discord, exceptional rudeness, stubbornness and general lack of comedy.
YOUR APPEAL: Excuse me, peoples. I was really selfish toxic bastard and should not vent my depression on you for my own problems. Codesneaking was really bad idea, and I understood it recently. I was too paranoid when I could just trust you and ask. I feel very bad for this for two months approximately. I want to redeem myself and return. Please. Sorry me.

So, throughout your server notes and modlog it’s all for the same things. At this point it’s truly KMC’s final verdict, but in my opinion you had your chances.

Well, he told me to go here when I apologised to him.

Upon further information being discovered it is my considered opinion to deny this appeal. Again, I will defer to @kmc2000’s judgment.

Damn those bans are recent, and #2 is especially pertinent. Any response to that OP?

Well, antags on Sage right now are being quite cringe, but guys who steal your xenobio experiments for 5 rounds are more cringe, dude. And especially heads who demote you for doing your job in your own lab without harming anyone. I tried to object RD’s and captain’s shittery, but they never behave themselves how they must to. And I had bad days again. I am trying to stabilize Golden to prevent it being extremely cringe right now and to redeem my guilty, still fitting in Golden’s rules borders, because I want to make it decent server instead of NonRP cringe where clown floods the whole station in banana peels without being antag.

Also please, I am trying to become a good person, but it is quite hard to stay good on such chaotic servers. Played TGMC as good guy also, marines and shipside guys like me quite much. Please, KMC. I beg you to let me get back. I even connected your servers lore and made a quite good support for another loremakers, and made a good PR for TGMC. Please. I swear to be good guy on NSV13. I wish to become really nice there.

Overall here’s my read on this. These bans indicate the same self-centered and self-important behavior that got you banned here in the first place. They are extremely recent, which means that while you claim that you are trying to change I have no reason to believe that you have. If KMC doesn’t tell me otherwise in the next 24 hours I’m closing this.