[shedowtnt] - riquegameplays - Antag banned for doing carp shark things after a late bodyguard goal //EXPIRED//

IC NAME: space shark something
BYOND KEY: riquegameplays
DATE OF BAN: 2022-09-03

REASON FOR BAN: As a custom antag (a bodyguard megashark) Ignored his protectee and broke a perma prisoner out of perma, went into the reactor and destroyed some pipes causing a blowout, caused plasmafires in atmos and then attacked some people. Murderboning is never okay and “being bored” isnt a excuse for it
YOUR APPEAL: About 2 hours into the round, long dead ghost, I get offered space shark spawn. I spawn with no goals, so i start chomping into the nearest window and attempting to bite the XO. About two full minutes after I spawn I get assigned a goal to protect a shaft miner. So I spend 40 minutes trying to get people not to kill me and send me to the rocinante, and when I get there they are already hurt. I failed. So i go back to the ship, nearly a 3hr round by now. I start wandering about, bite a window out of perma because im a shark and I bite windows, then I stumble into engineering (galactica), start following doors and end up in the reactor rooms, where I bite a bright shining flashing pump. 3 hour round, both reactors detonate, shuttle gets called. I try to go to evac but people are shooting me, so I bite them back, spacing the shuttle.

I killed two whole people, which the admin portrayed as “murderboning” and I find it ridiculous. I would also like to point out the fact the objective took a few bites out of the XO to actually get assigned to me, and by then I was already treated as hostile by the crew.
The crew were making no moves towards the shiftstart objective that still wasn’t completed, and I felt as I was not the only one who wanted a new round to start.
I acknowledge the bite on the reactor wasn’t a nice thing to do, and that yes I did something wrong, but the two week full-list-antag ban on the most unique server I can play for two entire weeks due to a thing I did as the dullest ghost spawn, which isn’t even listed as a banned role, was an unfit response to how late my actions happened in the round.

Alright one thing must be said: Ghost roles are not always antagonists, the admin that made the ghost role forgot to added the objective and then rectified it.

Also what do you mean you failed? if they were dead you could probably drag their body back to medical or atlest inform the crew or get someone to save them, just because they died doesnt mean suddely you can go do whatever.

But lets get to the main point, you blew up the reactor, knowing full well that would force the round to end. Thats a very bad thing, you ruined the round to many people just because of your personal boredom instead of asking the admins for some guidance if you were confused about your objectives. Just because you “feel” like you werent the only one wanting a new round doesnt mean its true.

Your actions that round were agaisnt our standards of roleplay, we are a MRP server not a LRP one.

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So, @shedowtnt is this accepted, denied, or otherwise hung?