Ship Hijack and/or similar objectives

Since NSV has actually flyable ships and not just shuttles, there could be traitor objectives to

  • Fly the ship to a specific system. Only Syndicate controlled systems eligible? Any Syndicate controlled systems, not a specific one?

  • Deliver resources or theft objectives to the syndicate. (Too similar to the first one?)

  • Make sure only traitors are alive and free when achieving the first one. (too difficult?)

  • Make sure the ship gets destroyed. (Potentially lame.)

Not directly ship related objective:

  • Replace cargo with nefarious item. Either something given to the traitor at round start or something they need to produce. Bomb would be ideal but probably too difficult to check for in code. Could lead to faction it was delivered to becoming hostile.

Any other ideas?

I potentially may be able and motivated to code ideas that I like and get maintainer approval.

Some more objectives could be to retrieve information of a old derelict ship, with ancient secrets/dangers and mysteries inside.

Maybe an alien leper space ship sent from far away that is filled of strange zombies that can infect any soldiers that tried to board it, reasoning to invade it would be to retrieve alien artifacts. Or a Nanotrasen science experiment gone wrong that requires full extermination without just blowing it all up.

Does not even need to be a ship, in the sci fi book integral trees a massive zero gravity bubble of oxygen encompassing a giant space tree. To then we could board and see alien life inside.

A colonist ship that decided to separate from nanotrasens protection and is now preemptively attacking the ship. Now you can either destroy the ship or cripple it to then imprison the crew.

Those are crew and not traitor objectives tho.