Shrike Feedback

Please place all constructive feedback regarding the Shrike here.

  • Not having a chem dispenser is a interesting concept, but it falls apart when actually used in game. Trying to mix chemicals using beakers is really really tedious. If you want more interaction between cargo and chemistry, it’d probably be better done through code maybe have it so the chem dispenser has a chemical storage that needs to be refilled and you can buy those refills from cargo just like you can buy chems through cargo on the shrike?

  • I’m honestly fine with no ore silo, but please have an ORM, even if it’s locked behind cargo access. The smelter takes far longer to retrieve materials from which is honestly really annoying to deal with in-game.

  • More signs would be a ton of help! I ended up walking past medbay when I arrived because there weren’t any signs in the hallway that indicated that it was medbay.

  • The fact that the ship doesn’t let you build certain machines needs to be communicated in-game. When I tried to build a chem dispenser I got really confused why I couldn’t finish it and thought the game was broken. I only found out that it couldn’t be built when somebody sent me a picture of the code.


My main issue with the Shrike comes down to not allowing players to take a ship that is in a rough shape, lacking certain features and develop it over time in the shift into a well adjusted ship, while I understand that may be the point, just because its the point doesnt mean the point is fun, for me most rounds devolve into stagnation and watching the population bleed, I cant speak for others, but thats mostly my experience and my main issue.

Honestly I wouldnt have complaints if you could just modify the ship and create machinery to compensate for the lack of roundstart utilities.


I agree with Lancash

Allow us to turn the scrap into iron, so to speak
No ORM needed, but please, allow a crew that works for it, to get QoL stuff like Chem-spensers.
Hell, it could be made so defeating fleets gives you the goodies, to actually incentivize the crew to stop whining and get the junkheap moving.

Also, my own pet peeve is the lack of a Warden.

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Hello, despite the fact that most people know me as the guy who spouts nonsense out of my mouth. I would like to add my two cents into this discussion.

  1. As stated above, i’m not against having a rough less than optimal ship. Though, Lancashirelad is correct in the regard that we’re disallowed / unallowed to improve the ship over time. I personally have a vested interest in the Vago, and love trying to make things better.

    However, on the Shrike it is more of a delibrate thing, where a great focus has been placed upon Cargo. While I may not be a medical main, I do understand that chemical mixing without a chem dispenser is far more difficult and extremely annoying and tedious.

    If we were allowed to make a Chem Dispsenser, yes it would be alleviated. The thing is that we can’t. Removing the dispenser entirely seems to be a slipshod solution to the map, and I would like to bring you to the attention that a base chem dispenser takes about 30 minutes to fully recharge once spent, with an inducer this time can be reduced to mere moments.

  2. It is quite easy to destroy the Shrike, from a gameplay perspective at least. I do believe there is an easily accessible pipe that can be removed in maints that instantly decouples a vital pipe regarding the Supermatter / Stormdrive setup.

    Not to mention half of anyone who plays on the ship does not know of the fact that the nuclear disk is spritehidden underneath a couch facing a reinforced glass window that is easily broken into.

    Perhaps placing the disk in a more prominent location is a better idea, and granting anyone to the captain’s laser pistol at round start is also an inadvisable.