Spagooty - Mentor Application //ACCEPTED//

CKEY: Spagooty
Discord Name: ʸ (Yesno)
Wiki User: Spagooty
Living Playtime: 612 Hours
Experience with NSV mechanics: MT main, tied with AI for hours (150 each). Lots of hours in CIC and engineering as well.
Why do you want to be a mentor: Been playing for a little bit, and I’ve realized now (especially with the wave of new blood) that guiding and teaching others is really fun, sometimes more enjoyable than the regular gameplay loop. I find it very rewarding seeing people who i have helped in the past become regular players who have built strong personalities within the community (you know who you are).
Being a mentor would allow me to help more players, and not being constrained by IC-ness (or the range of LOOC, for the case of help over radio) makes explanation much easier, and more concise.

Please answer the following questions:

Some of them don’t necessarily have correct answers.

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off:
Does your fighter have fuel? If no, then grab a tank of tyrosene, push it over, click on it to pick up the fuel nozzle, then click on your fighter with the nozzle in hand. It will ping when fully fueled.

Next, hop into the fighter by clicking on it. Two panels should pop up, one is your DRADIS (ignore for now), the other is the control panel. We’re gonna focus on that.

Near the bottom of the mess of buttons, there’s a couple you need to look at, namely: Battery, Fuel Injector, and APU. You’re gonna hit the buttons in that order, then you will patiently wait for the RPM gauge (top of the control panel) to max out, that bit’s important! Only after you hit max revs, do you hit the last button: Ignition. Your thrusters are now online (if your engine fizzles out, well, that’s a different mhelp)!

The launch sequence is different, depending on if your fighter is on the mag-cats or not.

If you are NOT ON the mag-cat: Simply turn off the brakes (alt key, or the brakes button in the control panel), and fly to the edge of the z-level.

If you are ON the mag-cat: You will wait for someone (most likely ATC or the AI) to launch your fighter; you will hear launching noises and your craft will be shot out of the ship.
If there is nobody to launch you (the more likely scenario), simply press the Maglock button, located on the control panel, then disable the brakes, and you’re free to fly away.

#2 What do you need to do in order to properly load the Naval Artillery, and what do you need to use?:
To load the NAC, you will need a multitool, a Naval Artillery Shell, 3-6 propellant; either gunpowder or plasma accelerant, and a munitions trolley to transport them.

Trolley a shell next to the shell loading gate and drop one to the floor. Prime the inert shell with a multitool; it should now be glowing red. Click-drag it into the loading gate. The gate should now appear shut.

Next, ask whoever is manning the guns if they would like “100 or 175”, this is to see how much powder you will pack into each shell, so pay attention to what they call for. If they call for 100, you pack 3 gunpowder into each shell. 175 means 6 gunpowder or 3 plasma accelerant.

To pack propellant into a shell, grab one (requires two hands), and click on a powder gate. Fill all three, and return to the NAC computer. By pressing the 3 green buttons in the middle, you fill the shell with the loaded propellant. Continue until you reach the percentage called for, and then press the “Feed” button to send the shell up into the gun. This gun is ready to fire, but you should have another shell ready to feed as soon as the gun fires, so repeat this process, only this time you do not feed the shell.

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
All of munitions (shipside & fighters) is great for newcomers to NSV, as they get players engaged with the new department and unique toys that we have to offer on this server. For the same reasons I would recommend engineer, as the engineering experience here is vastly different to any other server (pumps, shields, new engines).

#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
NSV as your first SS13 experience? Now that’s a baptism of fire.
A classic pick is the janitor, as you are essentially background while you figure things out. You learn the map as you are called to different departments (or just drift about) to keep the ship clean, and you learn the basic controls as you do it. The rest of service is great for this second part, as bartender has you interacting with machines, chef has you using the crafting menu, and both have you nose deep in the wiki, all while RP-ing with your fellow crewmates.

#5 What is the difference between an Executive Officer on NSV and a Head of Personnel in regular SS13?:
Been a while since I’ve played a server with a HoP but in general:

A HoP is in charge of changing access at the HoPline at roundstart, guarding Ian, and is nominally the head of cargo and service. However, the former department typically is led by the QM directly, and the latter department just does their own thing. In the case of no captain, I typically saw HoSs taking over the role instead of HoPs.

An XO also changes access, guards Ian, and commands cargo and service. The difference is that the XO is going to be much more involved in everything going on in the ship. They manage squads, helpful groups which aid the ship in various ways. They are not charged with not two departments, but ALL of them; the XO relays the captain’s orders, but also enforces them, making sure that work is actually being done across the ship. This keeps a ship moving and crew busy.

More commonly, the XO becomes the acting captain. As THE second-in-command, they must command the ship in the absence of a captain. In addition to the previous work, they are now the head of the vessel, in charge of pushing the ship to complete the objectives. If you’re gonna choose XO, be prepared for the responsibility of captaincy!

#6 How do you heal and revive an IPC?:
Died of burns and brute? Use cable (for burn damage) and welding tools (for brute damage) to fix them up, they’ll get right back up after a certain health threshold is reached.

Died of radiation and/or toxins? Yikes, hope science did surgical research. Dose them up with radioactive disinfectant (this purges radiation) and system cleaner (this heals the tox damage), put them on an operating table with a connected surgery computer, and perform revival surgery. If they die again, do another revival surgery and push more meds into them, repeat until they recover for good.

#7 What are the dos and don’ts upon finding your ship in superstructure critical?:
For this mhelp, I’m going to assume that this is a bridgie who is new, and there’s nobody around who knows any better.

First and foremost:

DO NOT panic. As the infamous shirtless captain has said many a time, “It’ll buff out”. Remain calm.

DO NOT jump out of the system. This will cause many explosions across the ship which increase in severity the longer you remain in SScrit, possibly causing more damage than what remaining in system would do. By the time you read this mhelp, it’s probably far too late for you to get out with minor damage.

DO NOT continue to engage the target (again, assuming a new bridge crew). If you can’t finish off the fight quickly, all you get by staying in the fight is a lot of new breaches, a lot of dead crewmates, and some very pissed off engineers.


DO disengage. Run, preferably to the side of the system opposite the clump of enemy ships. This buys your engineers time to repair the hull to a safe level, and for your crew to assess damage and fix breaches.

DO take evasive action. If you see yellow/red pings on the DRADIS moving towards you, don’t just sit there, RUN! In SScrit, with no armour, the slightest hit will bring your hull right back down to 0, undoing all of the progress you’ve built up. For that matter,

DO turn off active DRADIS/stop pinging the DRADIS. These pings draw enemies to your location. Good when hunting, bad while being hunted. Turn it off, and just be prepared to move elsewhere should hostiles arrive.

#8 How do you reset an AI’s laws if they have been changed by an Ion storm?:
AIs in NSV can be particularly annoying/deadly if misfunctioning. To get rid of any dangerous laws, locate the AI upload. Be sure to turn off the turrets before you enter! You might still be able to ask the AI to let you in, but I wouldn’t count on it; bring a door remote or hacking tools for entry. Locate the Reset board, find the AI law upload, and ensure that the correct AI is selected. Hit the upload with the Reset board. Don’t forget to ask the AI to state laws!

Should you find yourself without a Reset board, you can, very quickly, use a Purge board and then a Default lawset board. I stress that you do this quickly as purged AIs do not like being re-enslaved. Act fast if you have to do this.

#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners:
The wiki is a very comprehensive guide for beginners to the SD and is all around an excellent resource, but since you asked so nicely:

Grab the crate full of control rods, and set the reactor to maintenance mode (found on the SD console). Enter the chamber, and insert 5 rods. Don’t forget to turn off maintenance mode once you’ve done this!

You will also need a mix. For beginners, I recommend 1/3 O2, 1/3 N2, and 1/3 CP on ships OTHER than the Aetherwhisp. Low power mixes don’t need to deal with grounding rods, and the Whisp is the only one where you would need a high power mix (conveniently it also comes with a grounding rod, yippie!). Aetherwhisp mix is the same, but instead of O2, use N2O, and secure a grounding rod in the chamber. I’m not sure on each ship’s mixer configuration, but I can guide you through it once I have a look.

Set the fuel input pump to around 800kPa. The reactor will not start if there is not enough fuel present.

Set the control rods to 10 (for regular ships, lower for the Whisp).

Fully assemble the PA, crank it to 2, and turn it on. Keep it on until you hear the clunk and see the message in engineering chat. The reactor will now begin to heat up on it’s own, don’t forget to turn off the PA.

Set the fuel input pump down to around 500kPa, ensuring the “Fuel Mols” bar is nice and blue. This prevents the dreaded “hunger”, the SD core dragging everything towards itself.

As a precaution, always have CO2 ready nearby. This is for emergency shutdowns.

#10 You’re an engineer and notice a massive drop in pressure in the AGCNR (nuclear reactor), what do you do?:
If you’re in combat, this almost definitely means that your cooling loop is damaged, and no coolant is reaching the engine. Repair the damaged portions of pipe, and ensure that coolant is flowing properly (and the pump is still working) before you leave the area.

If the coolant line is undamaged, check the pump, specifically the input pump. If it is offline, turn it on, but do not set the pressure too high. Slowly trickle in coolant when dealing with a live reactor, this prevents a blowout due to overpressure in the core.

#11 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down:
Close to a meltdown? LITERALLY ME Don’t panic!
Your first step should be to input CO2. This makes your control rods ‘stronger’ in a sense, allowing them to bring down the temperature more effectively. Do this by finding the connector port for canisters that leads into the engine, wrenching a canister of CO2 in, and turning on the pump (in the case of the Atlas, you will build this input yourself, but as long as you work a little fast, it’ll end up just fine).

While doing this, dump the fuel to reduce… the amount of fuel. This slows down the reaction, as there is, surprise! Less fuel to react in the engine. Remember, everything we are doing right now is to slow down this runaway reactor.

Now, begin slowly lowering in the control rods. If the reaction is REALLY getting away from you (which it really shouldn’t be doing, as you put in that CO2 earlier), slam them in, but it’s preferred to do it slowly so as not to degrade them quickly.
Your reactor should be cooling down to a stop. Good work!

#12 You don’t know the answer to a question in a mentorhelp, what do you do?:
Ask the person asking me to wait one moment, while I either scroll frantically through the wiki, or ask the other mentors frantically. Hopefully one or both yields an answer.

#13 What is your favorite color? (Color codes accepted for this question.):
Certified puce lover