Spyder904 - Admin Application ///CLOSED///

BYOND KEY: Spyder904
DISCORD ID: who#1040
USUAL IC HANDLE: Taigo Johnson
EXPERIENCE WITH SS13: 2000+ hours. 1000+ on Paradise, 582 on NSV, atleast 400 on other random servers.
EXPERIENCE WITH ADMINISTRATION IN SS13: None. However, I’ve been around the block and have seen many different admin types. I am completely willing to learn.
AVERAGE AMOUNT OF HOURS ACTIVE PER WEEK: While the server is up, at least 20.
YOUR MOTIVATION: I’ve heard that admins are having a tough time of administrating, namely over Discord. While I don’t much mind also becoming an admin for the game itself, this is mainly to help provide a hand with the community Discord. As for why you should trust me over others? Well, I suppose my Sec experience in game, not to mention my total participation on the Discord. I’ve been- In my opinion- a somewhat large community player.
WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF MEMBER: Help the current admins- Namely on Discord, but by extension SS13- moderate the players.
QUALITIES THAT ARE IMPORTANT FOR A STAFF MEMBER: Being impartial and not making things personal. The ability to keep a cool head. Proper judgment- A head on their shoulders. The ability to learn from their mistakes, and the flexibility to ask advice from leads and other admins. Not to mention knowing where to keep lenient and where not to.

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus?
When leads allow you to do so, namely during events. If organizing your own event- Again, ask the leads for permission.
#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?
Antagonists are in SS13 in order to spice up the round. As an HoS main, I can attest that antags can change whether a round is memorable or forgettable. Antags are here to act as a foil against the crew. In terms of freedom, it depends. Are they doing something in pursuit of their objective? Perfectly allowed. Are they massacring crew in the halls because they need the hand teleporter? Not at all.
#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?
I would attempt to reconcile said situation with clarification and, if I can, images. I would maintain civility as, after all, being an admin requires unbiased judgment. I would cooperate with the leads and other admins, remaining truthful where I can.
#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?
Using your power for otherwise unfair punishment/gain. Say, using your perms to ban or mute someone you dislike, or focusing on one person in particular, warning them for every small infraction they commit.
#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?
The purpose of staff is to maintain the quality of all RP in game and the civility of the Discord out of game. They are here in order to moderate the actions of the players. This does not mean they should have a clamp on every aspect of somebody’s RP; rather, they are simply here to brush at the sides, prune the shitters/griefers, and otherwise keep the server as it is now according to policy.

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I would be fine with this application if you actually took it seriously, and the entire purpose of the application wasn’t to make barely concealed jabs at a staff member you personally have a problem with.

I’m not sure I took jabs about that particular situation. I’ve made it clear, I do believe, that I didn’t wish to make it personal. If you view my own admin application- My first one, ever- as a personal jab at a certain man, I don’t know what to say. But please, tell me what parts seem like jabs, and I will willingly clarify exactly what I mean.

On second thought, after careful consideration and input from other people, I’ve decided to retract this application. I hope you understand my decision.