SScrit change suggestions by Sergei

So, I’ve got a wacky idea. What if we significantly altered SScrit?
-Remove the “everyone dies and explodes after 10-15 minutes” timer
-Add in a shuttle auto-call timer (something similar, like 10 minutes or so) that command staff can recall, and then autocalls again after 10 more minutes of SScrit.

This would do a few things for the round in my opinion.
1: It would let players decide when they’ve had enough of being turned into swiss cheese.
2: It provides an opportunity to repair the ship
3: It provides an automatic way off the ship after a “short” period of time when command staff gets gibbed by falling space rocks dropped by clumsy syndicate ships.
4: it allows for the “against all odds” finishes. We don’t have rounds where the crew drags half the ship back with holes in it because we don’t permit them to get that far with the current SScrit system.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns of singuloose?

Points brought up by others

  • Risk of having a few dedicated crewmembers holding the round hostage. (maybe a min-pop% as an option? I know there’s already a critical life check shuttle call)
  • PVP will have issues that we’ll need to work out (Maybe a surrender button for the syndicate, or auto-surrender similar to NT shuttle?)
  • Repairing critically damaged ships takes so much time that the armada starts chasing your ass.
  • concerns about the ship never “dying fully” which isn’t really a concern in my opinion, because of the inherent destruction that getting shot or jumping while in SScrit causes.
  • interesting idea, at least worth trying.
  • might remove some urgency from SScrit, but in turn forces engineers and crew to repair the actual map (rather than just manipulating magic numbers)
  • This would cause negative effects of being in SScrit (holes in the ship, etc) to ramp up over time, which provides incentive to repair.
    *might require armada time to be altered after entering SScrit to permit repairs.

I think the current system works all right though I do think an automatic shuttle call would be good for the rounds where command is dead and there is nobody that can call shuttle.

I do think irreparable state and the nuke should remain as it means the round can end and we don’t end up with some psycho captain flying the ship when everybody else is dead, maybe when the ship integrity gets to a certain point the shuttle should be auto called and cant be recalled till the ship integrity goes above a certain value

in conclusion I disagree with removing sscrit but i do think it could be modified slightly e.g the addition of a auto call system.