Staff/Admin conduct complaint - Stephanie Ullman //EXPIRED//

Administrator DISCORD ID: MOIST BROTHER#0001
Administrator CKEY:
Date of Incident (If any:) 18/03/2022 AEST
Reason of complaint: Improper staff conduct - use of peanut galley

Openly using public channels naming (to shame? vOv) and talking about a conversation held in staff channels that was deliberately held behind those closed doors.

Apologies, I Didn’t think what you said was in any way confidential, and so asked altangy in passing.
I do not think peanut galleryieng(?) occurred?

I agreed with your warning about not uploading sprites to the box, and simply took it as fact from then on, I wasn’t trying to sway the public’s opinion in my favour or something(as if that would have changed your mind anyways), just straight up didn’t think it was that serious.

You told me to get permission, so i asked for it, not believing this to be in any way a confidential thing.
In the same conversation altangy asked me if he and ta ever got back to me on my event, also in public.

Frankly this all happened completely in passing and nobody really cared that much for it, framing this as me trying to publically shame you for a simple reminder/request is a bit mean-spirited, if not pessimistic if that’s the right word to use. If you tell me no, I generally accept it. Especially with reasons as good as yours.

I do acknowledge that you told me that in adminbus, but seeing that we were (what seemed to me) simply talking about why it’s bad and such, i didn’t think much further on it.

TLDR: I did talk about a conversation held in staff channels. Whether it was as serious as you are implying, I find debatable. It certainly was not meant to induce peanut gallerying, nor was it meant to shame. It was an offhanded remark/question simply intended to inform of the fact that i will not be distributing plushies.