Stormdrive Meltdown Feedback

The current stormdrive meltdown results in pre-placed ‘waste’ spawners to place acidic, radioactive waste across the ship.

This system pretty much guarantees that a stormdrive meltdown is a round-killing event.

I’d prefer it not be this way.



In general the Acid really does make the Sludge worthless as the acid completely overrides any issue, threat, or reason, for the Sludge. When we first added the sludge and it didn’t have acid, that was fun to actually try and shovel it away and was an achievable thing. This acid… it just vents the place, makes it worthless to repair, and makes the sludge entire un-noticeable and have no effect.


I think there’s way too much sludge as well.

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The acid from meltdown also destroys APCs and machines, making it impossible to even try to shovel the sludge away because half the time you are just stuck in the room you are in

Pretty much. Removing the acidic effects and halving the amount that actually gets spread around should result in a more recoverable experience.