[Superdork55] - Scarwolff - Kat Greene "Metagrudge" //DENIED//

IC NAME: Bean Doyler
BYOND KEY: scarwolff
DATE OF BAN: 21/10/2020
ADMIN BYOND KEY: Superdork55]
YOUR APPEAL: Aight so, I know Kat Greene from TG-Station from which ive recently migrated from due to boredom and a need for a fresher experience, on that server Kat Greene is a disgusting LRP generic “OWO” felinid and it pissed me off there a whole bunch, like they are just THE WORST, have you know they recently got Banned from TG and emigrated here too, right when I started getting into the game. So I crank into Sbubby their details and bing bang bong, its a guy called fucking uomo, someone who I know OOC with and know on a kinda close basis, now I fucking recommended this server to him before I knew who he was, so to my fucking DISGUST I call them out IC as a gimmicky meme kinda thing, they clearly ahelp that shit because theyre a shitter when they play and I get told off and whatnot (fair enough), for the rest of the round they do stupid LRP gimmick shit that completely ruins the RP atmosphere and feel of the game, making shit like a “OWO CAT SHOP” and such while constantly harassing other crewmembers, I throw the odd thing into their dome to ICly show my disgust because I have IC Xenophobia towards Catpeople normally on these roleplay servers, they clearly dont get the message and after numerous times of breaking in and stealing spray cans to graffiti their “CAT SHOP OWO” shit, they actually ask, doing their stupid “Henlos :3” gimmick right infront of my face, at this point ive been told to keep this shitter clear from spray cans (they seem to be universally hated on the server already) so what I do is I say “Yeah sure bud, heres your spray can.” Them spray them with it and light them on fire, telling them to go fuck off in the process (perhaps over excessive sure, but like actually fuck this character) , they go to Sec, he arrests me, I have a heart attack and the admin takes it as a metagrudge thing. Overall what im saying is, although yes, I do hate this players character, everything that they did to annoy me (and others) that round was completely escalated and ICly roleplayed. Pretty sure they just play this character to bait people into these sorts of situations too, like they do it ironically and shit (I hope, god I fucking hope).

This appeal is written more like an attempt at justifying your actions while continuing to believe you’re in the right.

‘Yes, I metagrudged them, but they were shit so it’s alright.’

I personally see no reason to alter the length of this ban.

The correct way of dealing with a player like this is a Player Complaint, not unescalated assault.

Though as I’m not the direct administrator of this ban, I’m taking no direct action beyond expressing disapproval.

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To be clear, if your claims about this other player are true, a player complaint would have been very effective I believe. We can and do ban people for consistent LRP behavior, but there are ways to do that which don’t involve breaking the rules. “two wrongs” etc.

Not involved either, just wanted to make a statement about that.

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Yeah I understand that now, obviously it was less of a metagrudge and more of a bias against them, hence the overescalation that I enacted and am sorry for doing so, they were being a shitter that round as it was, completely pissing everyone off and pulling the same shit they used to do on TG.

If you had an issue with said play you take it to the player reports section. The fact that you reputably attacked Kat Green once with a toolbox the second time setting her on fire, this was poor form.

I’m very strongly against lifting the ban as I feel it’s needed to enforce the MRP setting of NSV.

Like I admit I was in the wrong and obviously I wouldnt pull this kind of shit again, but you dont think 31 days is kinda overexcessive on a first ban?

You admit here you were wrong, but seemingly didn’t think it was wrong at the time when I had also previously bwoinked you telling you not to OOC in IC.

This ban length is very justifiable as the server is MRP and adheres to stricter policies and rulesets. Punishments are dished out as a learning experience for actions.

I’ll wait for further input from leads and other Administration before making a final call.

Seems like a metagrudge to me.

This is really textbook metagrudging from what I see, and given the short time period in which you acquired all the notes and the ban on server indicates that maybe we should provide a space where you and the individual in question are separated for a little while to give you some time to cool your head. Final discretion is up to the banning admin, but I agree with Fran and Viv.

so this is what it feels to be made an example of lmao

and I thought NSV was gonna be the shit, goddamn :moyai: :smoking:

I’m going ahead and going to deny the appeal.

You should take the time to reflect on your actions, maybe be more careful in the future and use the forums to report any player wrong doing so it can be investigated properly.