Ta3370 - admin grudge //RESOLVED//

Administrator DISCORD ID:
Administrator Ta3370#2406
Date of Incident (If any:) last night? Fuck I forget these things and last week.
Reason of complaint: admin goes out of his way to assume and jump to reasons to get onto me without any investigation.

So, a few test ago I had a small incident with ta. Where he salted in dead chat and got onto me with this paragraph about how “pasha” (me) was metagaming and power gaming, claiming I was cading security and hunting blue artifacts for no reason. I went off on him, surprised I didn’t get a note for it tbh, explaining that I was friendly with the blue artifacts, even holding conversations with them, passing them in the halls, etc etc, and only started shooting them AFTER they jumped me in Maint.
As for the casing, I explained that due to CC/joe telling us of the event artifact needing to be held securely in brig for X time, no idea if joe was just making it up, and e joe telling everyone ever it grants wishes. I did expect break ins and assaults so built cades for what I thought was some kinda king of the hill hold the artifact event. This was approved IC by joe, and fellow sec was fine with it. everyone was like alright we gonna hold this artifact!

The second was last test, where I ahelp Joe breaking RP guidelines and asking for advice, do I arrest him or what. I believe it was coreflare who responded to seek out HOS. I did and left it at that, went and printed a AEG that drem told me cargo needed, and hurried off and went to cargo. Inside cargo waiting to hand it over, ta again without investigation or anything jumps to get onto me that I shouldn’t be ahelping LRP guideline breaks if I’m a walking armory. My “armory” was - tazer, the AEG without firing pin, stun gear and X-ray laser. I explained it was for a bounty on the AEG and then went to return the X-ray when a radiation storm hit. The moment I settled into Maint he went “and the X-ray? your tools and shield?” explained I got it when the ninja came aboard before we knew he was friendly and zoned out about it and was on my way to return it when radiation hit, causing me to deviate. but a shield is a shield and the tools were just tools so I was keeping them. He got onto me and said for them to be issued next time and for me to not grab up loot. This was all I’m response for me asking how to handle Joe (he was traitor we found at round end is why he did what he did)

My complaint has to do with the policy this individual admin has to Jump to griping me out and getting onto me without investigation or people even a helping. Be it the jump to chew me out about power gaming and meta when logs clearly show I was not, or to in response to me ahelping to vv go through my bags to chew me out for their content.
Why would I ever ahelp anything I’d the admin response is to go through my invo and rudely get on my ass? I get I shouldn’t have kept the X-ray gun, I zoned out on it and was putting it back once called out, but the fact I’m monitored like this with this admin going through my bags to FIND a reason to try and note me is basically harassment.

All this was done on my small phone so wew if it sucks

I’ll look into this one due to the complaint being against a head administrator.

I was playing security the round that’s mentioned in the first paragraph.

Czanek told us there’s an epic artifact crate coming from CC, and that no one except him should ever open it. I don’t think any of the security officers had anything against building those barricades, and it makes sense to reinforce the place where we thought we’d hold the artifact, until Czanek decided to open it roughly 1 minute after receiving it, kind of defeating the point of the barricades, but that’s not relevant.

Then you have the blue cult artifact people, I think they’re called Artificers? Not sure. But anyway, we detained a traitor, and he talked something about the Chaplain. We also found a “cult creation” syndie box (not sure if that’s what it’s name was, but something like that) which had fingerprints of the Chaplain on it. The Chaplain had started building his blue cult artificer army and we as security were a bit nervous about that. Ceyella’s officer did say that they were jumped by the artificers in maint, however I have no proof of that and I did not see it with my own eyes.

I did not see deadchat because I was killed and them almost immediately converted into bloodcult construct.

After looking at the situation, I’ve come to the following conclusions:
Ta could’ve been more polite in the ahelps when dealing with you. Ceyella could’ve been nicer and not “gone off on one”.
Ta has shown a bias against Ceyella historically.

In response to this, I’ve told Ta to relax when dealing with Ceyella, and to drop any bias held when dealing with their tickets.

Complaint resolved.