ThatGuyOverThere114's mentor application ///DENIED///

CKEY: thatguyoverthere114
Discord Name: MOIST BROTHER#0670
Wiki User: MoistBrother
Living Playtime: 228h
Experience with NSV mechanics:
Played most roles, know most things.
Why do you want to be a mentor:
Seems fun, cool chat color.

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off
Get in, press canopy/battery/fuel injector, wait till rpm hits ludicrous mode and ignite.
Your atc buddy will launch your magcat once you tell him to.
#2 What parts does one need to start constructing a torpedo?:
Metal for casings, propulsion system, guidance, iff, warhead.
#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
Munitions tech, cargo, bridgie, fighter pilot.
#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
cargo, cook, janitor, bartender.
#5 Is an XO supposed to just act like a HoP?:
XO is the highest ranking Officer under the captain, he manages the departments when the captain is busy.
He also delegates squads.
#6 What is the difference between a Railgun and a Mac cannon?
Railgun is a smaller-ish gun with a magazine, the MAC is a big gun that shoots one big shot.
Railgun also can’t be controlled from the TAC console, only the helm
#7 What is the difference between flying a regular fighter and flying the main ship?
Small fighter is small and weak, but fast and agile. Main ship is the opposite of that.
And you can land on the main ship as fighter
#8 How do you exit an AI shell?
You press the button that exits it.
#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners
set up the PA, maint mode and put the rods in, feed it the fuel (Oxy/Nit/Cplasma in equal amounts) from atmos, and turn it on.
#10 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down
Rods in fully, purge the fuel line and flood it with CO2.
#11 What is your favorite color?
Brightish bluish purpleish: #7700ff <<this

The mentor team has internally discussed your application and unfortunately decided that you are not a fit for the mentor team at this time. We’d like to see more elaborate answers if you’d be willing to apply again as the mentor team is expected to be able to very clearly explain features to new players with as minimal expected foreknowledge as possible. Regardless, thank you for your interest in joining the mentor team!