ThatGuyOverThere114's Mentor Application V2 ///DENIED///

“We’d like to see more elaborate answers if you’d be willing to apply again” - Ansome
Oh I am willing alright, kept it short and concise the first time, you wanted this.
CKEY: thatguyoverthere114
Discord Name: MOIST BROTHER#0670
Wiki User: MoistBrother
Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): 230h
Experience with NSV mechanics:
Played most roles, I know what im doing most of the time.
Why do you want to be a mentor:
Spite, but I’d imagine it’s fun too.

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off
You make sure that it’s reloaded first;

  • take the ammo boxes from the hangar storage(or lying around most likely) and click on the fighter with em to reload
  • load some missiles (or torps if you got the heavy fighter) onto the trolley and haul 'em over to your fighter.
  • click on it and take the missiles out of it
  • drag the missiles into your fighter

Now you need to bring it to the catapult

  • ask the others for the keys to the tug, and get in it once you have 'em
  • drive over to your fighter and align with it, click on the load fighter button
  • move it over to the magcat, and press unload, it should have locked in on it with a click
  • get in

Now to start the darn thing once the ATC starts yelling

  • get in
  • you now have two screens, dradis and the console, move em away so you can see(you have a second monitor right?)
  • dradis is your eyes and ears, the console the place you look to find out how fucked you are
  • once the combat starts, ATC will tell you to SPOOL, this is done as follows
  • press the battery button
  • then the fuel injector
  • then the APU button
  • Wait till your RPM hits full power(don’t do anything till then or you’ll flood your engine)
  • press the ignition button
  • if your RPM wasn’t at 100%, you fucked up, tug your fighter out of the tube and ask someone for help
  • if your RPM was at 100%, congrats on starting your fighter!
  • point your front towards the exit, and tell ATC you are ready
  • if there is no ATC, hit the maglock button and fly out yourself(only works right in vacuum)

#2 What parts does one need to start constructing a torpedo?:

  • Make a casing with metal (or ask cargo)
  • add the propulsion system and wrench it in
  • add the guidance system and screwdriver it in
  • add the IFF card and screwdriver it in
  • add the warhead and wrench it in
  • wire it
  • wrench it
  • weld it

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
Munititions tech, bridgie(maybe), cargo, fighter pilot, atc
#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
cargo, janitor, cook, assistant, bartender
#5 Is an XO supposed to just act like a HoP?:
The XO is the highest ranking officer under the captain, meaning that he’ll take over control if the captain can’t do it himself, as such he is responsible for:

  • coordinating the departments as the captain will likely be busy in the bridge
  • squads and how they are organized
  • dealing with radiological emergencies, say nukes

#6 What is the difference between a Railgun and a Mac cannon?
Railguns are controlled from the helm, and can take more than one shell into its magazine
MACs are more powerful but can only pack one bullet, and are controlled from the TAC console
MACs also need more maintenance i think
#7 What is the difference between flying a regular fighter and flying the main ship?
the main ship is where the crew are, if it gets hit (and the armor is gone enough) the damage will destroy tiles on the map
A fighter is a small craft launched from the main ship, it can also dock back into it
the main ship is more heavily armed and armoured, but slower and controlled by the helm/tac consoles
the fighter is much less heavily armed and armoured, but much faster and agile, controlled by the pilot within
#8 How do you exit an AI shell?
there is a button at the top left corner of the game window, or you can use the AI/shell tab on the right to find the option
#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners
you set up the PA:

  • wrench each of the sections to keep em from moving

  • if you bumped one, rotate it back with ALT click

  • wire each of the sections

  • screwdrive all the sections

  • on the control console you should now see the button “run scan” click it

  • if you continue to see “unable to detect all parts”, you missed somethin in the first 3 steps

  • now you activate maintenance mode on the stormdrive computer, and grab the rods from the yellow boxes

  • -insert all five rods into the stormdrive and exit maintenance mode

Now to give it some fuel, I’d love explain every step in detail, but each ship has a different atmos setup
a simple fuel mix is "Oxy/Nit/Cplasma, all in 1/3
some general pointers to help ya along

  • make sure that the plasma is constricted, if you pump normal plasma at those pressures you’ll get some unwanted pipe clogging
  • the pressure out of the fuel mix tank is mostly up to you, ive seen people use volume pumps even

if the reactor is not starting, you may need to up the fuel concentration, to give it a kickstart follow the following procedures
this will be unnecessary if you use the basic mix, it’ll just work

  • get some constricted plasma into a can, again all setups are different, you’ll figure it out
  • put the can in the reactor intake port(should be somewhere close to the reactor) the pipe color is usually kept white for that(or grey)
  • your fuel % should now drastically rise, keep an eye on the temperature
  • if your fuel % was the problem, congrats, you fixed it for now

now since i haven’t explaned how to actually start it yet,
set the PA to 2 and pull the rods out

  • wait for it to come to life and turn of the PA
  • fetch a can of co2 so you are prepared for the inevitable

#10 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down
remember that co2 can? great!

  • stop the fuel from coming in
  • purge the fuel of the reactor
  • wrench the co2 can to the reactor inlet and flood the bitch

if it cools down too slowly you may need to replace the rods while in operation

  • maintenance mode on
  • keep the new rods close, you don’t want em sucked in to the engine
  • pull the rods out and replace them as fast as possible
  • maint mode off

with any luck the reactor is still too hot, but the new rods gave you some time to cool it down further
#11 What is your favorite color?
#7700ff, hasnt changed

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fight me

Are you sure you’re looking at the current version of the Stormdrive™? Because if you use a volume pump to input fuel with the current SD version you will not live very long.

Well it’s possible if not very stable with that mix, I have seen it being done succesfully, but their mix was very “exotic”

-1 After discussing it with the mentor team, we’ve decided to unfortunately deny your application. While you did improve in explaining concepts in most areas, your answers for the Stormdrive portion were unsatisfactory due to your explanations being overly long and inaccurate in various areas, most notably regarding pressure which can lead to the reaction integrity being compromised and eventually lead to a meltdown. Had a new user followed your directions, the possibility of them failing to maintain a reactor is likely. If you’d like to apply again, you may, but do note our expectations are very high regarding our mentors’ knowledge on the stormdrive.