Thudner - Admin Application //ACCEPTED//

BYOND Key: Thudner

Discord ID: thudner#0001

Usual IC Handle: Sachie Beach

Experience with SS13:
I have been playing for around two years now, and have accumulated around 750 hours of playtime, with the majority being on TG. On NSV, where I have been playing since April, I have ~250 hours.

Experience with administration in SS13: Apart from a vague familiarity with admin tools, none.

Your Time-Zone: CET/UTC +1

Average amount of hours active per week: 10-20 hours, possibly more

Your motivation: / Why do you want to be a staff member?
I know being an admin can be a taxing job, and there obviously is a need for more staff members. I wish to lighten the team’s load and support my favorite server this way.

Why do you think we should accept your over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you?
I believe myself to be a conscientious person, and it’s especially important to me to do things right when you directly affect other people with your decisions. Additionally, during/since the downtime before the NSV release I have gotten more active in this community and (hopefully) become someone people somewhat trust. And, more because of my nature than anything, I tend to break rules very rarely. My all-time personal admin notes are limited to two warnings, both of which I acquired on a bad day on TG.

Qualities that are important for a staff member:
Staff members need the maturity to handle conflicts in a fair and impartial way and be able to treat players with the respect and friendliness we supposedly all deserve. Additionally, they need a sense of when it is okay to interfere with the game. A bit of humor is needed, too. Staff should not take things more seriously than they need to be taken.

#1 When is it okay to adminbus?
Sparingly, and if it doesn’t disrupt any interesting ongoing events. It has great potential to make rounds more fun, but it should be something special and not be overused, or it can get tiresome.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?
Antagonists exist to both prevent the game from getting stale and provide a very different experience to some players. Antagonists should mostly be restricted to killing people only if it helps them achieve their objectives. Causing needless chaos should be discouraged, especially when it comes to murderboning.

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?
I would first make sure I have all the information concerning the situation, and why I am accused of abuse of power. I would then reflect on that. Why is that person thinking this way? Should i have done that? What could I have done better? If I reached the conclusion that my actions were justified, I would explain my reasoning to the person in question. If not, I would apologize and try to undo any possible damage done. Regardless, I would later ask other admins for their opinion and try to learn from the situation.

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?
(unnecessarily severe) Punishment for petty/unjustified reasons or showing a clear bias towards or against someone through concrete actions that don’t serve to enhance the round.

#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?
The purpose of staff is to keep the game and community in a state where it is fun to interact with, through occasionally making the game more interesting, and through punishing those whose actions go against the concept of a pleasant community. Staff should be firm in enforcing rules, but otherwise be friendly.

Alright, job interview time! Fun questions from me to you.

1: Do you have a microphone and are you willing to communicate with other admins in voice chats on discord?
2: You’re on server and a pair of people join with metacomm warning watchlists. You check the player pannel and see one has immediately ghosted, moments later the other arrives on station as a security officer. What actions do you take, and do you have any things to consider while you go about handling the situation?
3: You see an explosion log, jumping to the location you see that there’s a small blast area and the botanist is running away from that location. What are a few things that you might check or look at with specific regard to figuring out why this area just had a small explosion.

I have a decent microphone. While I prefer to communicate through text for personal reasons, I am willing to speak in voice chat if the need arises.

I would watch both players and see if I can see any immediate connection between the actions of the pair, such as the ghost orbiting the security officer, and send a reminder if necessary. In any case I would keep an eye on both over the course of the round, especially the officer. I imagine metacomms can be hard to assess/prove, and just a suspicion isn’t enough to take action against the players. I would ask more experienced admins what to look out for.

First, I would check the botanists player panel and see if they are an antagonist. If not, I would look at comms/the chat and the blast area and look for context. If that doesn’t work, and I am going into unfamiliar territory here, I would look at the logs, from which I could presumably get information on what caused the explosion. If it can be linked to a non-antagonist, I would question that player directly and ask for the reason.

Alright, got a couple things to add onto this.

For the first scenario are there any environmental factors that you would consider while observing the pair? After all, one is ghosted, and admins aren’t totally hard to spot even when in ghost form.

And for the second scenario, where else might you look to see if a botanist was related to an explosion beyond purely administrative logging such as attack or say logs?

I’m a lot less certain with those questions, but here are the answers i came up with:

The factor I would consider is chat/comms, like someone reporting a crime or screaming for help.
There is also context. Does the sec officer witness someone committing a crime or do they arrest them seemingly at random?

What i was thinking of here was checking the botanists inventory for possible clues or asking potential witnesses/victims. But in this case i would also check hydroponics, the botanist may have grown plants that can act as explosives, possibly among other dangerous plants.

Overall I’m satisfied with these answers on a borad spectrum view. +1, and let’s get a review from @ta3370.

Also pinging @kmc2000 if he wants to weigh in.

You have some good answers, a clean record, and a solid playercard. Willing to give a try. +1

I’d have to agree with the above statements +1.

@Francinum want to give this man trialmin and things? Maybe access to clover while we’re at it?

Woah sheesh we left that a while.

I’ll sort him out with trialmin