[Thudner] - AtlasRules87 - LRP and being an insufferable retard //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: idk random nukie name, T.O.A.S.T.E.R. beforehand
BYOND KEY: AtlasRules87
DATE OF BAN: 21/03/2021
DURATION OF BAN: 1 month (20/04/2021)

REASON FOR BAN: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/792632642662432768/822984576686489610/unknown.png
YOUR APPEAL: Strictly speaking, I don’t want to be unbanned, but I want my ban reduced and access to the discord back, as 7 days for LRP (with only one visible note as a warning and subtle messages) and then it being increased to a month due to being an insufferable little shit due to how fucking grating it is to play this game at times and deal with situations, both ICly and OOCly (see the “fuck off jannie” part) is mental in all honesty.

I don’t do longform writing well, so I’ll just bulletpoint:

  • I only had a SINGLE visible note being the “last straw” note
  • All other warnings I had were from subtle PMs and (i think) ahelps, which are so forgettable I don’t even remember if I had any of the latter.
  • The behaviour in discord, yeah I can’t excuse that, but you of all people should know how insufferable SS13 players are as a whole sometimes. (god i miss 2018/19 sometimes man, back before sseth…)
  • Going back to the ban reason, the "went into storage as AI without ahelping is frankly stupid, as Thudner was invisiminned at the time hence why I didn’t ahelp. Plus, the AI slot is opened up by that anyway so why would I bother? I told people ICly that I had to go, so I see no problem with this.
  • The meat and potatos, why I got banned for originally 1 week: the whole “Z-levels” claim. TL;DR I fell through a hole created by me blowing into the captain’s office for the disk, when i came back the disk was gone and it was about to be a rad storm and I lost my cool. Any other time I would’ve said “haha le funny decks moment”, but no. That’s on me honestly.
  • This is a first offence for something that’s honestly pretty minor in terms of actual rules broken on the server. One week for a first time offender for LRP.
  • I asked multiple times for evidence of previous offences and got zero answer. No examples to build off, and I remember Ansome saying “Y’know Atlas, you can read the RP guidelines we have.”
    “Maybe look around, see how other people act.” To him, sure, this seems valid. To me, though, here’s the thing: I don’t work this way. Saying “oh you’re getting in trouble for a vaguely defined thing? haha just read this thing and look how other people avoid this thing and you’ll be fine!!!”. I need examples or my ape brain refuses to work. Plus, I looked at these RP guidelines. This? Doesn’t apply to anything that I could have done to get into this situation, barring one incident which could be classed as rule 9.
  • The only note I do have is, and I quote: “2021-01-15 22:57:12 | nsv13 | Sergei Koralev General LRP shittery warning. Give them a week ban next time you have to do something to them regarding LRP.” This gives me zero frame of reference for anything whatsoever other than “don’t mess up in this pretty easy to mess up way or byebye!!!”. This is not helpful at all.

So, in all honesty, I want my ban reduced either to the original 7 days or to some smaller amount and the mirroring done on the discord removed (dont remove my damn meme channel perms either). The hostility, yeah that’s fair, but the actual, in-game broken rule-ness? In my eyes, absolute bullshit considering the factors both surrounding it and leading up to it. I only act the way I do in discord due to many compounded reasons, both external and internal. (i.e problems with me/problems in the discord/people/etc.) In a best case scenario, I want to be put back before where I was today on a final warning, but given access to prior invisible notes so I have a frame of reference.. In a worst, this gets denied. Somewhere in between, I get to see the invisible notes, use the discord and am back to a week ban. I’d like the best case scenario, I’m expecting the worst case scenario but I’d be willing to compromise for the one in-between.

P.S: if Ansome reads this, which he probably will, just know that the way that you act towards me and others isn’t going to straighten me out, especially pinging me to tell me to “cut it out”, it’s just gonna make me want to break the rules more. Tone down the smugness and passive-aggressiveness and I, and potentially a few others, will probably behave a hell of a lot nicer to you and by extension other members because , no offense intended, you can be insufferable at times. (as can i but i’m working on that sorta i swear)

(also little tiny note dont expect an instant reply as at the time of writing this it is 1:36 AM and i’m gonna sleep for a damn long while)

Since it seems you’re in a mood to share notes, would you like me to share the full list to you?

Okay, to start off, there is one important thing you got wrong.
You didn’t have one “last straw” note, you had two. Since one of your AI rounds the day before, in which you broke the rules again with your frankly abysmal RP and light self-antagging by being anti-NT(or CC, rather). This was not acted upon with a ban, instead a headmin raised the ban time on the next offense to three weeks with another visible note. I merely acted upon that, and raised it to a month due to your hostile response to / disconnect during the admin ticket.

You claim this was your first offense, but that is far from the truth. Apart from the cases you got notes for and, for example, that time you wrote out an entire paragraph of your opinion on the state of the server over comms, or committing suicide for no real reason in the very round you got banned, you constantly LRP in minor ways. I’m talking about at least half of your rounds here. This was considered rule-breaking over rule 8, and is most likely why you had the last straw note in the first place.

And that note should have been enough for you to get the message. It said in no uncertain terms that there would be a ban on the next offense. And yet you did it again, repeatedly.

On one point I agree with you: The rules, especially those regarding RP, should be stated more clearly. However, we are a MRP server, and I doubt you don’t understand the concept of “act like a human being would in that situation”.

You didn’t have one “last straw” note, you had two.

I had one that was visible to me. And the original? Wasn’t even edited to show that it would be a month if I cocked up again.

Since one of your AI rounds the day before, inw hich you broke the rules again

That’s on me for not removing AI from my preferences, honestly. I was angry that I didn’t get MT and lashed out on other people and more specifically, CC.

I merely acted upon that, and raised it to a month to your hostile response to / disconnect during the admin ticket.

Can you honestly blame me considering 1. it was pretty late at the time (midnight or 1 AM i don’t remember), 2. it’s not exactly a fun enjoyable thing to be banned, and i was already annoyed about losing as antag and 3. I have abysmal control over my anger.

commiting suicide for no real reason in the very round you got banned,

I was out of ammo, half dead from falling, and in a rad storm. I had lost, so I thought I might as well try and take some people with me. Because, well, if I can’t nuke the ship I might as well kill some people trying to.

you constantly LRP in minor ways.

Honestly yeah that’s true, but it’s not exactly easy to change my ways considering my very first server WAS LRP for a while and I’m more used to it. (the server that i play the most is a TDM with features that stop brain rot, and execution if you somehow manage to keep it up) I can do RP, after all I’ve played 2 HRP servers for a while, I just didn’t really think to bring that mindset to an MRP server, because well, it’s way more relaxed.

And that note should have been enough for you to get the message.

It should have, yes, it should have. But it didn’t. Because it was the ONLY significant warning I really had gotten. Prior notes detailing previous infractions would have made me consider it more seriously but due to the lack of them I didn’t really take it seriously.

On one point I agree with you: The rules, especially those regarding RP, should be stated more clearly.

If nothing else comes from this, I’m glad at least you can see that the current rules are flawed and hopefully you act on that.

However, we are a MRP server,

In all honesty, terms like MRP and HRP or whatever don’t really hold much weight considering the rather abysmal state of RP in SS13 right now. But that’s a discussion for another day. The point is, due to other servers sucking in terms of RP and being HRP/MRP/whatever means I didn’t really take that seriously, not to mention other people doing some LRP things and, from what I see, not going punished. I saw someone ICly yell “there’s a heretic!!!” after finding their conversion rune in maintenance and nada.

and I doubt you don’t understand the concept of “act like a human being would in that situation”.

This one is true, I should. But as previously mentioned, other servers diluting what it really means to be MRP skewed my perception of what acceptable behaviour was.

You claim this was your first offense,

That’s not what I really meant, but now I see that it’s easy to confuse. What I MEANT was this is the first time I’ve had a ban over RP. I’d expect a first time ban to be like, a day or 3 days. Not a week.

also yes i would like to see my notes ESPECIALLY if they talk about prior examples of LRP behaviour

Okay, since you admit to most of your mistakes and are (hopefully) going to try to better yourself, I’m willing to reduce the ban to three weekends (including this one).

We’re not obligated to put up with you, so I hope you step up your RP game and work on your anger issues. Let this be a clearer warning.

Regarding the discord mute, you will have to discuss that with @Ansome. I was not involved in that.

Reads from bottom to top, Sergei and my notes are both public, watchlist is forced-private by the code, top note is auto-applied by the ban.

You have generally continued to act in a persistently negative manner throughout your stay on the server, my staff are not to be referred to as “jani’s” and told to fuck off, and anyone who does is automatically on a very short leash.
The day you got my note you had continued to salt and push things by insulting KMC (or rather, the staff team in general) on radio for giving you the law after you received it and had KMC not claimed the situation I would have been ticketing you that you had continued and punished you then.
One of the major things when enforcing RP is that something like a Captain or AI HEAVILY effects how others will follow in their steps and is therefore extremely serious, as they tend to be the general ones to set up the RP and maintain the environment. So a highly vocal AI consistently shitting on CC/Janis/ect sets a very serious impact. Though do keep in mind this doesn’t mean Assistants get a pass, we’ve had to ticket a handful of assistant mains for continually questionable activity, but it generally tends to be far less noticeable when people don’t ahelp.

General reminder (with the latter being present in the general server join messages): Ahelps are stored in a panel for admins during a round, and get forwarded to admins outside of the game. Just because admins aren’t on doesn’t mean an Ahelp goes to the Aether.
As an aside to that, corewiping as AI to disconnect is very different to corewiping as AI without ahelp to go roll mid-round antag. It’d probably be fine with an ahelp beforehand though, with a chat about not doing it repeatedly too often since roundstart is when most would initiate as AI.

You do realise that midround antags get a pop up randomly? It was extremely coincidental timing, and tell me: who in their right mind would pass up lone op? ESPECIALLY if the disk is just sitting in the captain’s office.

Your grievances with me are better suited for a separate admin complaint, but I will nonetheless address them briefly as I explain my decision regarding your Discord mute. I will indeed admit that I am a smug individual, but I am especially smug of individuals who seem keen to dig their own graves. I enjoy having a pleasant conversation with rule breakers on why they broke the rules and how to fix that behavior, but these pleasantries are requited only. I will only show you respect up until the point you overtly insult our volunteer staff (“fuck off Jannie”), become a nuisance in the Discord spawning numerous complaints sent to me, and outright refuse to change your gross misconduct because it’s just “who you are”. I am not willing to hold your hand while you overcome your issues - don’t bring them to the Discord.

Even here you seem keen on deflecting part of the blame on our playerbase and reminiscing about how things were “better” pre-ssethtide. The vast majority of our playerbase are capable to conduct themselves as mature adults, I am not going to make an exception for you. You were given a great deal of leniency by Thudner to have them reduce your ban to three weeks, especially given your impolite nature in the ticket that led to the ban, but duly note that going forwards any repetition of this sort of behavior will not be tolerated on the game server or the Discord. I advise you to rack your memory next time you intend to do something on either the game or Discord server for if you’ve been ticketed/warned about that behavior in the past, as you are not going to be reminded of these conversations if we need to continue to warn you ad nauseam as we did with LRP behavior here. As for your Discord mute, I am going to change it to once again reflect the server ban of three weeks, but if I see any more displays of you lashing out at other players, I will not hesitate to give a longer mute or outright ban.

I would just like to add that I thought this ban appeal was for a permaban, and was very surprised after reading the ban message that it’s a one month ban.

NSV13 has some of the most lenient admins in the entire SS13 community. If you had done this on probably any other server, regardless of past history, it would have probably been a permaban with a steep uphill climb to get unbanned at all.

We understand people have personal issues, bad days, and sometimes get emotional. That’s ok. But reading your claims that this ban is unreasonable almost made me spit out my drink. You can’t just tell admins to consistently fuck off and insult us and then expect us to be amiable when you cross the line one too many times and get slapped with a ban.