[Thudner] Jeffery Jefferson - Command Jobban //CLOSED//

IC NAME: Jeffery Jefferson
BYOND KEY: jefferyjefferson
DATE OF BAN: 13-08-2021

REASON FOR BAN: “Continued LRP despite several warnings, willingly broke rule 7”
YOUR APPEAL: I was initially very confused about this ban - It was applied without a bwoink or any kind of message, while i was not playing a command job. After having to reach out to receive clarification, i was informed that the ban was applied because “Your consistent behavior prompted an admin meeting last week in which I and one project lead agreed with a command ban. This is coming from the admin team as a whole, even the ones you’ve had less interaction from, as we agreed that we don’t want you to be an example of roleplay on the server” - a strange reason for a ban, considering almost no rules were broken and i have not been contacted about LRP for months. Because of the nature of this - how i was banned because my roleplay was deemed “poor”, i decided to ask active members of the playerbase on their thoughts of my play.

I’ll leave it up to you to read the feedback i got.

This appeal is a bit early - i’m making it now because i really enjoy playing command on NSV much more than on other ss13 servers. It’s a unique experience. Should you go through with this i promise to reign back my attitude as command roles and play a character more appropriate to the theme and setting.

I wish to provide some feedback on this, and on my earlier statement since it does not bring my actual opinion out well.

Jeff is an excellent captain and also good at RP, just not military RP. Nobody on this server is good at militaey RP where we are all stuck up military members, hell even the game isn’t good at it since we’d have a fleet with us and have specific tasks we can’t divert fro .

Jeff is excellent in the type of RP that matters, playing as a Character. Jeffery Jefferson is a fun captain who is always up to some zany shit yet is able to be serious when the moment calls for it. He is also a highly skilled captain who most people like.

As for administrative handling of this situation, if what Jeff is saying is true then from his perspective nobody had even mentioned any issues with his RP for months, which means the admins were alright with his level of RP and he had no need to change even in the slightest. Hell most enjoyed his level of wackiness, then suddenly he just gets banned out of left field.

I do not accuse anyone of misconduct, but this desicion was made in a group and we all know when a lot of people are discussing a single topic it easily spirals from reasonable measures to unreasonable and I’d state this might be a case of that.

Feel free to call me biased, doesn’t matter and I don’t care, I genuinely think Jeff is one of the finest captains we currently have after Joe Czanek’s departure from NSV as a whole.

He has been constantly gimmicky (good kind of gimmicky) and absolutely shows interest in actually commanding the ship. I think one big factor is him actually talking in the ATC channel, which, you might not know, is one of the rarest things that can happen. He also communicates frequently across all departments. (something I reference a lot in here) (also yes I repeat the same things I say in dms)

Jeff as a person is fun to talk to, sure he might be a little assholish there and then but usually if you want to do something cool/funny with him he’ll usually accept. He also does his own gimmicks as I have said earlier which are usually pretty funny and meme worthy, sure you might consider them LRP, but considering what goes under radar in some rounds I think its perfectly fine to have what he does, specially on long missions/shifts where people even suicide out of boredom to see if they roll something else or literally just disconnect, or alt tab to do something while waiting.

Jeff as a captain, I say again hes completely competent for that role, he communicates often, knows the ins and outs of important roles which pratically is the simplest requirement of captain, knows how to prioritize departments and coordinate them as well as do the basic thing when theres no BO/BS around, flying the ship and firing. (hes particularly good at these 2)

In the end, considering we haven’t received proper clarifications on what grounds he got banned, the whys, etc, this just seems absolutely bullshit to me (sorry for the harsh language). I hope the staff know the community’s side.

I can’t recall anything of the top of my head that would constitute bad gameplay due to his involement as command.

when ever i have noticed he was XO or captain or a head of staff something interesting or fun or a problem presented itself to be solved, got solved and for the most part we made the evac shuttle or made it home, or in the rare instance where we all die like cowards, it wasn’t for a lack of trying, we are just incompetent crew…

and having been thinking for a few tens of minutes i legitimately cant recall a situation where i thought to myself in my innervoice “oh no, jeff what are you doing!” or “that was bad jeff, real bad”

this is my quick note on this, i might add more if i can recall anything further to say, good bad or ugly. other than that i have complete round recordings i post, if i knew the shift ID i might be able to see at least what was on the radio. at the very least how the round turned out if i was there.

Your post was flagged as spam for some reason, undeleted it.

As the original approving project lead I have decided to deny this appeal due to its low quality. However I’ve also made up my mind about your ban, and unbanned you from command roles on NSV 13. I hope you do understand why you initially got banned, and if not I’m happy to explain the situation to you in more detail another time.