[Thudner] - RandomLad645 - Permaban appeal //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Brick Lowe
BYOND KEY: RandomLad645
DATE OF BAN: 2021-04-02

REASON FOR BAN: “Was contacted by an admin about self-antagging, then spawned in as 4 different antags and murderboned as at least one of them. Appeal on the forums if you care.”
YOUR APPEAL: Frankly, the ban reason seems a little… I don’t know, weird? I’ll try to break it down piece by piece but I don’t remember much, it was months ago. So I spawned in, and because of the april fools PR/change/whatever, I was forced into munitions (I think), and tried to help out. Then a guy (I don’t remember their rank or name, I think they were an IPC?) said they will repair some machinery, but I absolutely should not load the thing while he repairs it. Me and another guy decided to load it just for the laugh of it, and he came back pissed, said something and then started to immediately baton me. I started running away, but a goose chase developed so I tried to defend myself with a gun I found. I made sure it was loaded with rubber bullets, then took some shots at the people running at me with blunt weapons, then decided to escape to space and do asteroid mining. After this, Ansome bwoinked me about the thing, but let me off with a warning. I don’t remember much, but I died somehow, and was sent into Dchat. Then a prompt came up, offering me the role of space dragon. I decided to take it, tried to complete my objectives, and failed because the moment I was seen every single person on the ship decided to start hunting me while I was making my way to my target. Then I could spawn in as a space ninja (I think?), tried to sneak on the ship, was spotted by a borg, tried to kill them, was seen by half the engineering department and tried to run off with invisibility and smoke bombs. Then I found my target and tried getting their brain, but out of nowhere like 5 people appeared with guns and stuff, so I tried to fight them off but died. Then I spawned as space pirate, didn’t know how to move/sell loot, and the round ended. Next round, I spawn in as a bridge officer, roll traitor, kill my target, and eat a permaban midround with this reason. It’s just steange to me, as space dragon can’t really stealth/avoid killing multiple people, and I was trying to stealth ninja but failed because a borg saw me and I was surrounded. As far as I know, most people who I killed got revived too, with the exception of a few I killed as space dragon. I’m terribly sorry if I ruined someone’s round because I didn’t play the midround antags well, but I was trying my best.

The main reason for your ban were your actions as a ninja, and because you were already negatively standing out that round, we had reason to believe you were acting in bad faith.
What you did as a traitor the round after was unrelated. Even if killing other crew on lowpop is not something many people like to see, no rules were violated there.

The way this case was investigated wasn’t 100% reliable and your exact actions can’t be confirmed.
As such, there is no way to definitively prove nor disprove that what you say is true, that you did not deliberately go out of your way to kill those people.

Due to that, i have decided to give you the benefit of the doubt.
Your appeal is accepted.