TOPIC NAME: Red - Winter Darkraven //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Velvet Pinkawalt
BYOND KEY: Winter Darkraven

NSV ban

I was given the squad marine role because of syndicate simple mobs which killed HoS and a lot of others in atmos. The AI said for me to go into the armoury because squads no longer get guns.

I then killed the simple mobs that killed HoS and some others, revived him and CMO (CMO then literally cryoed after I revived him without helping revive the others lol).

It then took like an extra twenty minutes to revive all the bodies at medical.

After everyone was revived I was kinda worn out so I disconnected to play RimWorld.

I don’t know why my record plays into this, I haven’t gotten into trouble in months.

I didn’t know killing simple mobs counted as validhunting, it wasn’t in the rules. Can I get unbanned? Won’t do it again. @red031000

Given the information about the AI, which I did not know at the time, I’ll be happy to reduce the ban to one week, that is, until the 15

It’s worth noting however, the AI did only authorise you to get some specific things, (AEG, body armour, and a shotgun), and you ended up with, at the very least, a esword, and possibly up to 2 tasers, a disabler, an esword, the antique energy gun, and the CMO’s ID card.

You also did not return these items after having used them, and logged out with them in your inventory

However, with all that said, I think that a reduction to 1 week is probably warranted

I will apply this when the server goes up on friday