Traitor Uplink Fat Trimming

The traitor uplink, in it’s current state, is a vastly bloated mishmash of ideas.

Let’s talk about that.

Dump of preexisting discussion

Original Conversation

[07:59] Dr. Sir Knight: I mean if you greentext with 0 tc used you even get the “Badass syndie” thing
[07:59] Francinum: Yes
[07:59] Dr. Sir Knight: 50% of the uplink is never bought
[07:59] Francinum: but currently the uplink gives you way too many ways to bypass basic things
[07:59] Dr. Sir Knight:
Maybe evne more
Maybe even more
[07:59] Francinum: that are either completely redundant
[07:59] Francinum: or so extremely situational that they hardly matter
[08:00] Dr. Sir Knight: Some of the stuff just needs buff
[08:00] Dr. Sir Knight: Taeclowndoe boots got so much potential
[08:00] Francinum: I’d prefer to trim the fat than buff it up
[08:01] Francinum: I’d prefer more things be available as in-world options than magic murder boxes available for a modest fee
[08:01] Riz 15 | Sec Marksman: mmmm hungry toolbox
[08:01] Jmlop0: Get rid of the stock crash one, that doesn’t work
[08:01] QAI-07 | Mining Gang Tyber: the best way to kill miners, as a miner
[08:01] QAI-07 | Mining Gang Tyber: is the sleepy pen
[08:01] QAI-07 | Mining Gang Tyber: pen em and toss them into lava
[08:01] Dr. Sir Knight: I feel like the syndie kits should just get turned into items
[08:01] Francinum: crab-17 is funny, but needs to be more expensive for the joke that it is
[08:02] Dr. Sir Knight: THe chances of getting good shit from ur box is so olw
[08:02] QAI-07 | Mining Gang Tyber: you know what ISNT funny
[08:02] QAI-07 | Mining Gang Tyber: war ops using crab-17
[08:02] QAI-07 | Mining Gang Tyber: like 8 times
[08:02] Dr. Sir Knight: Crab-17 + a bomb is easy kills
[08:02] Francinum: I can restrict it from the nuclear uplink
[08:02] Kmc is IN Puce SUPERposition: war ops can fucking buy crab?

Stuff to be trimmed: maybe hide anything you can’t afford? Cause I don’t need to see the mechs and hardsuits when I have 3tc. Also maybe have some fighter sabotage gear for mt’s and atc?

The 20 TC traitor kits are a hard avoid for me simply because you can get gear that is in no way related to your objective. It’s like they were designed for a murderbone TTT server like TG where your objectives do not matter, the items inside them could probably use changing or the kits could just get removed.

remove the energy shielding or make it more expensive and blacklist it from discounts

Back in the FTL13 days, energy shielding was only given to the elite deathcommandos.
Now traitors can buy them for 30 TC, which sure is a lot, but with a discount that makes them 7 TC, they become near immortal.

Trators only get 20tc, so it doesn’t really matter (for tators) but I’m not sure about boarders

The codespeak manual is absolutely useless for traitors because you are almost never doing teamwork as traitor
The power beacon is useless, we don’t have a tesla or a singulo
The syndicate tome is useless because of the lack of teamwork aswell
I don’t see the boxed origami kit nor the box of throwing weapons ever used

I don’t see us as having too much of a bloat, besides the power beacon in all honesty.
Traitors are very very likely to get an objective where they have to just murder somebody, and the tools to help you kill people are always the biggest TC spenders.
You got twenty TC to use, you’ll want a gun/e-sword of which costs from 8 TC to 9-13(+2 for each ammo clip more or less). Leaving you with very little in cool utility gear.
Or simply go for a gimmick like holoparasites of whitch are very cool now, but the risk of having a bad parasite is noticable. Which leaves you with four TC left. That is barely enough to cover the cost of a chameleon uniform kit.
Or get an e-mag, get some security equipment, and leave a massive print trail behind yourself, but it also has the great bonus of fun equipment interactions. Leaving you with 14 TC to play around with.

The codespeak manual is absolutely useless for traitors because you are almost never doing teamwork as traitor

Sadly true that co-operation is rare, but the advantage of having an invisible way to talk to one another before you jump some people.

I don’t see the boxed origami kit nor the box of throwing weapons ever used

The issue with this object isn’t exactly what it gives you, but how the game works.
You can activate throw to just catch their weapon. You can’t harm someone with throwables if they are lying down on the floor. Such the bolas both hinders you, but are also necesary. You need to slow them down to hit them with the throw weapons, but at the same time you anounce you’re out to hurt them, and give them a few secounds of slow immunity to throw weapons. You’d legit do better crafting your own bolas, and beating someone over the head with a fire extinguisher.