Unban appeal nsv13 -- //INVALID//

IC NAME: random
BYOND KEY: cheeksgaywood
DATE OF BAN: 10/25/2020
DURATION OF BAN: permanent

ADMIN BYOND KEY: Freakycrafter
REASON FOR BAN: You already have a long list of notes on different servers, including this one. You generally act as if this is a low roleplayer server, that is you don’t talk to people at all and sometimes even attack them or inject them with harmful chemicals for no reason. If you want to appeal this you can do so on the forums…
YOUR APPEAL: literally did nothing wrong unban me

Why don’t you shed some light on the circumstance then.

i think this ban was meant for someone else considering i was banned while i wasnt playing the game and the ban reason isnt related to me

Well, quite frankly your notes attached to your ckey sort of indicate that the ban wasn’t misplaced. Also this is the wrong place for a ban appeal. And thirdly your title does not match the required format. So, without further ado…

Your application for an administrative position in the NSV13 staff team is DENIED