Weapons Suggestions

We need some new flavors of weapons. Suggest them here

Mine layer,
Lays mines behind the fighter/ ship which cause massive damage when someone flies into them
can be upgraded to have better mines and needs 1/10 ratio of metal and plasma to operate (metal for the casing plasma for the charge)

Small NPC drones
The ship/ fighter has a small hangar with pre-constructed drones in it (something for deck technicians to build) that are small pdc shooting fighters which automatically target any ship without IFF (so also emagged fighters)

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Ion weaponry
Disables enemy ships for a bit
Could cause power outages for departments on ship when hit, could also have it mess with some CIC systems like messing with controls or something

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30mm GAU, option for PDC’s runs through ammo faster, satisfying BRRRRRRRRRT


So basically this?

Yeah it’s the same idea (btw I only arrived like 5 months after that discord post so i didn’t know it was there) but I specifically want to emphasize it being AI controlled because I doubt there’s going to be enough people to actively control them while GQ is in effect

Ramming ship, let us ram the syndies

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Maybe make a fighter class designed for this instead of using the main ship (which is usually the case nowadays)

Bananium warheads for torps.

Deals completely random damage on impact, also plays honk sound effects instead of the regular ones.