[winterdarkraven] - hoooooooooooooooooooonk - Banned on alt, sticky banned on main //RESOLVED//

IC NAME: ???
BYOND KEY: liljackrabbit25
DATE OF BAN: dosent say anywhere
DURATION OF BAN: dosent say anywhere but i’d assume is permanent

ADMIN BYOND KEY: winterdarkraven
YOUR APPEAL: I don’t know what really happened but I just tried to join NSV and found that I had a sticky ban from an old alt of mine that I no longer use, but with that I must’ve attempted to evade a ban somehow and I’m sorry about that. I don’t do that type of behavior anymore. It would be nice if I am able to know the real reason of the first ban so I can make a better appeal besides apologizing.

looks like the ban… apealed itself?
whatever ok