Xdyou baned by james - //DENIED//

IC NAME: Vasyl Petrovich
Type:job ban
BYOND KEY: xdyou
DATE OF BAN: 10/9/2020


REASON FOR BAN: After loading in as CE, created four Teslas and ignored N20 sabatoge, resulting in the ship being crippled for the rest of the round, and a crew organized lynchmob killed them. A monthlong command ban has been applied due to past notes of poor CE play, and a disregard for the needs of the role played. I suspect they didn’t know how to do Atmos and chose to say this was his choice, in which case you need to spend more time as an engineer learning the game.
YOUR APPEAL: Well the teslas i was making was in spare time while there was not anything else to do.After i finished i was admiring it and someone said there was n20 coming out of vents so i went over to atmos and just disabled the input so it wouldnt get any worse because i saw that there were 3 guys in atmos and i assumed they would fix it,i also had to get back and fix the SD which ai turned off and inserted rods to 10,after that i had to fix the armor pumps and then i fought 2 guys and logged off cuz i had to go IRL.I was really overwhelmed as i was the only engineer on station but i thought someone would bother to try to fix it themselves as there were 3 people in atmos with AA.

@HighAdmiral Please take a look at this soon.

Hey its been almost 10 days is anyone looking at this?

Yeah turns out I drafted my entire response, and then it stayed here as a draft.

First off, you haven’t used the proper title format. You didn’t read the ban message, or you’d know the duration of your ban. Additionally, you validate your ban reason with your appeal.
You are the Chief Engineer, your job is to delegate to your team. If people are in atmospherics it is your responsibility to ensure they know what they’re doing, or even make sure they’re supposed to be there if you didn’t authorize access. Frankly, your appeal makes me worry for the day your job ban ends. Spend more time in engineering under good CE’s, learning the job you want to do.

This appeal is denied.

I corrected the format after 2 minutes,also its obvious you didnt read the appeal because in there i said i was the ONLY ENGINEER,no atmos techs no anything and i was busy maintaining the SD and armor pumps i cant do everything myself.Also what is wrong with the ban title?

NOTE:Peple in atmos were messing around and crying on comms instead of just fixing it themselves,i cant babysit everything.If you have acces (which they did) go fix it yourself if you cant wait for me…

Also i got no ban message because AS I MENTIONED IN THE APPEAL WHICH YOU PROBABLY DIDNT READ,i had to go IRL.There was nothing in admin remarks which i checked so i couldnt get the ban reason or exact time and i had to ask another admin to tell me the note which was hidden i think.

If you’re working on a fun project and then an atmos breach or malfunction happens and you’re the only engineer you’re expected to correct the fault before returning to your pet project. Your appeal was denied, and due to a technical glitch the admin was unable to close and archive the forum as per standard procedure. You can stop getting angry at my admin now.