Discord - [Francium] - MonkeyMan901 - Wack Discord Ban - //DENIED//

Discord Username:
Discord Nickname:
Reason for ban:
There isn’t any, just banned outright after speaking against prejudiced, profiling staff.
Why should you be unbanned?:
I was only on the discord for a nanosecond before being banned. Y’know, I wanna take a tour of the discord without having to turn incognito on, thank you very much.

Got a vouch from a MRP or HRP admin yet that we can verify? Also suggesting that you’re going to ban evade in a ban application doesn’t bode well for you.

Got a vouch from a MRP or HRP admin yet that we can verify?

What do you mean dude, what ‘vouch’ and what ‘MRP or HRP admin’ are you even talking about?

He’s saying you need an admin from an HRP or MRP server who will tell them that you’ve changed from whatever behavior got you banned.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need a vouch to get unbanned off a discord server. I mean, if you really want a vouch, I’ll go get one then.

Okay. Let me explain.

You have shown zero regard for the punishments issued to you, including but not limited attempts at active ban evasion, which on discord is a violation of their terms of service. This also extends to your game ban.

You have shown even less regard for the value of the administration team’s time, Please stop making appeals until you have shown clear improvement on a reputable server.

If any of these words don’t make sense to you, please ask someone with a high school education.