Player Complaint - Suno Hall //RESOLVED//

Player Complaint - Suno Hall

Your ckey:

Your IC name: A.T.L.A.S

**Your Discord ID:**Admiralyolo#9560

Date of round: 15/10/2022

Round ID: 5084

Defendant’s IC Name: Meejapa-Jeela

Defendant’s ckey: NIL

Complaint: My complaint is simple, during the above round. I was intent on being the ship A.I, Suno / Meej in this scenario decides to make a Supermatter in the NSV Atlas. I advise against it, due to previous round experience regarding Suno’s public atmospheric works causing major issues to round stability.

For example, this stale thread having multiple instances of his incapability to appropriately handle or lead his department. Not to mention egging on the Captain (Joaquin Kadel) to change my laws inappropriately to allow for a publically accessable SM chamber.

In the past, this has caused round ending event when the superheated gasses or radiation wafting off his failed experiments have not been condusive and I doubt he even got a slap on the wrist from the last complaint.

While it did nothing, I dislike this sort of attitude within NSV. I’m mostly mission oriented first, and when i’m not, my personal ‘passion projects’ do not affect the rest of the crew as much as his does. Frankly, this sort of behavior disgusts me, and I would like to see at least a job ban from CE for this nonsense.

This player complaint has been resolved and we will be taking action shortly. Thank you for making a complaint.