Riquegameplays - red031000 - christmas appeal (?) //APPROVED//

IC NAME: Wrightitatium MMD…
BYOND KEY: riquegameplays
DATE OF BAN: 2022-10-23

ADMIN BYOND KEY: red031000
REASON FOR BAN: suicided as captain after getting angry at the crew, disconnected during ticket to cool off. And… because I just got off a perma
YOUR APPEAL: Since my last appeal got deleted and I didn’t get to see the admin reply I decided to wait another month, and turns out it’s the holidays now. Once again I find it dumbfounding that part (and seemingly a big one) of the perma reason was because I came off a 2-week ‘perma’, and that you included ‘disconnected during tickets’ when I said “I’m going to disconnect to go take a shower before I break something in my room” (and then you went completely silent during the last minute of the ticket, which was the time I specified I was willing to keep the game open).
You said I insulted crew, and that is exactly why I suicided: to prevent myself from doing so further, which shows some self-control. But then you make the suicide seem like something horrible I did, when I did it (and made sure to do so) right next to the MAA and XO (the former 2 tiles, and the latter 3), so that the gear would be in command’s hands. (not that it mattered, the round had been going for 2 hours and I arrived 20 minutes prior to see why it was taking so long)
Something something the holidays are a time of forgiveness, server is open all week and there’s an event coming up (i’ve missed 2).

Your last appeal is visible at Red031000 - riquegameplays - Not stressed out anymore //DENIED//
We move inactive appeals to the archive category to avoid cluttering the active ban appeal list. By default the forum will notify you of new messages sent in threads you’ve created, unless you personally disabled this.
I will leave the decision of what to do with this appeal up to the admin team.

Found it halfway through writing the appeal, thanks though!

Approved - contingent on some things

You cannot have any incidents within the next three months, at the same time you will receive a command ban.

If you do break the rules within these three months, you will receive a permanent ban with at least one year before appeal