[Kira House] - Helix -command job permaban for threatening the clown,blowing up CIC //DENIED//

IC NAME: Lev Artemowicz
DATE OF BAN: 2022-09-25 round ID 4985
REASON FOR BAN: Attempting to kill the clown for what appears to be no reason, blowing up CIC, and general conduct not acceptable as command, since you have had this issue before, this one is permanent
YOUR APPEAL: I already tried to explain whole situation to an admin but i got ignored and the case was closed before i finished.sentence “Attempting to kill the clown for what appears to be no reason” is untrue because i explained the reasons of why im fighting with him (spacing the CIC from outside almost killing me,threating me with a gun if i would destroy his honkbot,taking captain ion sword), but the admin said he doesn’t see any logs and asked me if i have any witnesses,i had 2 people observing the whole CIC incident but the admin said the witnesses saw nothing so my explenations doesn’t count.i didn’t killed the clown nor intended to,i was just simply threatening him and counted for him to leave CIC and surrender,or just open CIC doors (which worked and he let me inside after 4 minutes),as you see i was threating clown for around 5 minutes instead of blowing up the CIC instantly (threating isn’t prohibited,and it not qualify for attempting to murder.the second situation taken by admin as attempt to kill him happen when he walked out of ship and started unscrewing window from outside,we finished our mission and the vote appeard,so i tought “hey mission is finally over after 3 long hours and the armed clown want to break in,spacing whole CIC,so im going to simple destroy it so he won’t gain control over it again” i evacuated the crew from CIC,then me and meerena shoot 2 gibbtonite chunks (of course he didn’t get banned for helping me and the clown even warned for spacing cic without a reason which is a griefing “rule 3 * No Griefing.
Griefing is defined as actions with malevolent(harmful) intent towards the server, playerbase, or round.” he didn’t have to space the CIC because i wasn’t a threat to him) and evacuated immidietly.Then the vote finished with requesting additional tasks and that was the moment i realized i did it to fast,so i started fixing the CIC with 2 other crewmembers (i fixed what i broke and it was still IC).Another sentence is “general conduct not acceptable as command”, he did not said what exactly he means by this.And another one “since you have had this issue before, this one is permanent” no? i never was accused of Griefing or trying to kill someone?I have 2 admin notes about me,first one is about cremating clown as a acting captain (i explained to admin that the clown KILLED 3 people and ESCAPED the permabrig 3 times,he died during the firefight with me and one more crewmember in brig when he broke free and tried to kill me AGAIN.i just authorized execution(as the acting captain and only command member i had right to do so)but admin didn’t listen to me,i even wrote to other admins about it and demanded this note to be deleted but i got ignored again.second note was writen when i played my last round at 3AM,i chose medic but got chosen as a captain,asked the admin can i give command to someone else and go sleep,admin rejected my demand so i played this round,and suicided in the end when i swallowed a very lethal dose of rads(reactor exploded),admin tried to explain me why i am a bad person and should not done that.i tried to defend myself but the admin wrote note saying that i “wasn’t feeling to play command” (i said it because i havent sleept in around 30 hours but my friend insisted to play last round) and said the “round was boring” so i dont want to play anymore (i didn’t said that) and of course the admin banned me and finished the ticked before i finished.and now another admin looked at those notes which doesn’t say everything and he is like "oh yea im going to ban you because you got banned previous time for something else including command roles,you can write appeal so whats the problem right?"the problem is i got banned PERNAMENTLY(to the end of my life) from 30%≈(26,8%) jobs which are the most needed aboard,because i blowed up the eclipse CIC after 3 HOURS of playing.and now when you’re enjoying your coffe,playing NSV with others,i have to write ban appeal(which im not good at) for such slight misconduct,and write PM to all possible witnesses to prove that the other side is not without fault and it was all IC.Lets submit the facts

i didnt TRIED or KILLED the clown
clown did the griefing
i blowed up CIC so it wont fall in his hands again (its not illegal to blow up CIC when someone attacks it) and later i FIXED it (yes i admit it,i detonated it to quick but i was working in stress as he spaced CIC, i detonated it only because i tought the round will finish anyway and we wont have to fix it)
round lasted 3 hours where i was doing my duty and completing all tasks
proofs of clown barricading in CIC or spacing it are hidden in logs

PS. Sorry for such chaotic message but its +7° in my room,im tired,stressed,and my hands are shaking plus im not native English speaker,but I had to write it today.if you don’t understand what i said,ask a question or write PM.please don’t ignore me like 2 previous times because it leads to situations like this when admin is banning me for accumulated notes from before the holidays.Banning isn’t about accumulating unintentional misconduct because soon,every NSV player would be permabanned.

Greetings. I’m a midshipman if that round, Meerana-Shahvee. I can this man’s words a lil bit for it is all I can remember unfortunately. So the first thing is that over a radio I’ve seen how captain yelled at clown because he shot him. Captain most likely did the same thing but in clowns leg, at least as clown said it over the radio. Second thing: clown also got antique laser gun what captain accidentally forgot in CIC and was also pissed of knowing, that clown got it(To be true, clown might think that respond “Have fun” was directed to him, but I’m pretty sure it was not) and asked him to surrender. Another thing is about CIC explosion: This was true. Me and Lew detonated two gibtonite charges to make CIC disappear, since we all thought mission is about to end. And when it didn’t ended, we quickly repaired it, even if died by accidentally touching wiring. Fin

Ban has been escallated provided new information, so appeal denied, you can appeal again when you turn 18